Over­seas me­di­cal mis­si­on to ser­vi­ce re­si­dents of Re­gi­ons One, Two

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Re­si­dents of Re­gi­ons One and Two are ex­pec­ted to be the be­ne­fi­ci­a­ries of stra­te­gic he­alth ser­vi­ces, com­pli­ments of a vi­si­ting me­di­cal mis­si­on.

The over­seas-ba­sed team, con­sis­ting of 22 Me­di­cal Prac­ti­ti­o­ners, is re­pre­sen­ting the Ca­na­da- Gu­y­a­na Mis­si­on (CanGo). The Mis­si­on is ex­pec­ted to last for two weeks and will co­me to a con­clu­si­on on No­vem­ber 23, 2016.

The team’s fo­cus will pri­ma­ri­ly be on fa­mi­ly me­di­ci­ne and he­alth awa­re­ness in va­rious as­pects. The mul­ti-dis­ci­pli­na­ry team con­sists of a pe­di­a­tri­ci­an, psy­chi­a­trist, phy­si­o­the­ra­pist, oc­cu­pa­ti­o­nal the­ra­pist, speech lan­gu­a­ge pa­tho­lo­gist, all of whom will be wor­king with pa­tients from within the tar­ge­ted re­gi­ons to ad­dress is­sues of de­vel­op­men­tal dis­or­ders and men­tal is­sues. Among the fa­ci­li­ties that the team will vi­sit are the Os­car Jo­seph Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal in Cha­ri­ty; Ku­ma­ka Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal in San­ta Ro­sa; Ka­ba­ka­bu­ri He­alth Post and the Ka­ra­wab He­alth Post in the Po­meroon Ri­ver.

The team al­so con­sists of a fa­mi­ly phy­si­cian, den­tist, gy­ne­co­lo­gist, au­dio­lo­gist, pul­mo­no­lo­gist, phar­ma­cist and nur­ses. The Au­dio­lo­gist is sla­ted to con­duct Au­dio­lo­gy Cli­nics in San­ta Ro­sa and Wa­ra­mu­ri, whi­le the Gy­ne­co­lo­gist will per­form VIA (scree­ning for cer­vi­cal can­cer) and STD (sexu­al trans­mit­ted di­sea­ses) tes­ting on wo­men in the va­rious vil­la­ges. The team will al­so spe­ar­head a mas­si­ve pu­blic awa­re­ness pro­gram­me in each area to fo­cus on the ma­na­ge­ment of high blood pres­su­re, con­trol­ling dia­be­tes, pro­per nu­tri­ti­on and den­tal ca­re, among other is­sues. In­for­ma­ti­on fly­ers will be cir­cu­la­ted af­ter each ses­si­on. Me­di­ca­ti­ons will be ad­mi­nis­te­red to re­si­dents free of cost, af­ter which they will con­ti­nue with fol­low-up ca­re at the ne­a­rest he­alth fa­ci­li­ty in their re­gi­on. So­me of the exe­cu­ti­ve mem­bers of the vi­si­ting team on Fri­day paid a cour­te­sy call to Mi­nis­ter of Pu­blic He­alth, Dr. Ge­or­ge Nor­ton. Du­ring the vi­sit the Mi­nis­ter com­men­ded the team for their ef­forts and ex­pres­sed gra­ti­tu­de to them for wan­ting to ser­ve the pe­o­p­le of Gu­y­a­na, es­pe­ci­al­ly in the re­mo­te are­as. Ca­na­da-Gu­y­a­na Out­reach Mis­si­on is a re­gis­tered non­pro­fit or­ga­ni­za­ti­on that says it is de­di­ca­ted to pro­vi­ding he­alth ca­re to the un­der-pri­vi­le­ged po­pu­la­ti­ons of Gu­y­a­na. The en­ti­ty al­so says that its mis­si­on is to pro­mo­te he­alth ca­re in de­vel­o­ping coun­tries by pro­vi­ding con­fi­den­ti­al, com­pas­si­o­na­te and sup­por­ti­ve me­di­cal ser­vi­ces to the ge­ne­ral po­pu­la­ti­on.


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