Jus­pol says tri­als can com­men­ce

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The Mi­ni­stry of Jus­ti­ce and Po­li­ce (Jus­Pol) has ma­de all the ne­ces­sa­ry pre­pa­ra­ti­ons so that tri­als can com­men­ce again this week. Mi­nis­ter Jen­ni­fer van Dijk-Si­los on Tues­day con­fir­med the re­ports. The mi­nis­ter has re­por­ted­ly ta­ken ca­re of the pa­per­work ai­med at let­ting tri­als be held at the old buil­ding of the Court of Jus­ti­ce which is lo­ca­ted along the Ta­ma­rin­de­laan and in a sec­ti­on of the old cour­t­hou­se lo­ca­ted along the Hen­ck Ar­ron­straat.

“The mi­ni­stry has do­ne its part. The Court of Jus­ti­ce must now de­ci­de when it wants to start,” said the mi­nis­ter who im­me­di­a­te­ly went to work af­ter she had re­cei­ved word that the clerks of the court we­re on stri­ke. The Jus­Pol mi­nis­ter and her col­lea­gue at the Mi­ni­stry of Pu­blic Works (OW) re­por­ted­ly fixed the old buil­ding lo­ca­ted along the Ta­ma­rin­de­laan. Jus­pol itself re­no­va­ted the buil­ding lo­ca­ted along the Hen­ck Ar­ron­straat. The clerks of the court went on stri­ke to pro­test against the de­plo­ra­ble sta­te of the cour­t­hou­se lo­ca­ted along the Fre­de­rik Der­by­s­traat. The buil­ding re­por­ted­ly gets flood­ed whe­ne­ver it rains and does not ha­ve pro­per lights. The air­con­di­ti­o­ning units no lon­ger func­ti­on and the buil­ding does not ha­ve floor co­ve­ring. Pe­o­p­le al­so com­plai­ned of a stench that is no­ti­ce­a­ble throug­hout the buil­ding.

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