Le­ba­non’s Ha­ri­ri na­med new PM, wins spea­ker’s sup­port

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LE­BA­NON - Le­ba­non’s pre­si­dent as­ked Sun­ni lea­der Saad al-Ha­ri­ri to form a new govern­ment on thurs­day, af­ter he won the sup­port of a ma­jo­ri­ty of MPs in­clu­ding the in­flu­en­ti­al par­li­a­ment spea­ker who said he would coo­p­e­ra­te with ef­forts to set up the new ca­bi­net. Ha­ri­ri’s no­mi­na­ti­on is part of a po­li­ti­cal deal that re­sul­ted in him en­dor­sing one of his po­li­ti­cal op­po­nents, Chris­ti­an lea­der Mi­chel Aoun, as head of sta­te.

Par­li­a­ment elec­ted Aoun, an al­ly of the po­werful Iran-back­ed Shi’ite group Hez­bol­lah, as pre­si­dent on Mon­day, en­ding a 29-month va­cuum in the post.

Par­li­a­ment Spea­ker Na­bih Ber­ri, head of the Shi’ite Amal mo­ve­ment, had co­me out in op­po­si­ti­on to the deal, voi­cing ob­jec­ti­ons that had th­re­a­ten­ed to ob­struct the for­ma­ti­on of the new govern­ment.

But an­noun­cing his de­ci­si­on to en­dor­se Ha­ri­ri for pri­me mi­nis­ter on Thurs­day, Ber­ri in­di­ca­ted he would coo­p­e­ra­te in ef­forts to set up the new ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on. “If the­re was no in­ten­ti­on to coo­p­e­ra­te, we would not ha­ve na­med him”, he said. Ha­ri­ri’s com­pro­mi­se over Aoun re­flects the di­mi­nis­hed role play­ed in Le­ba­non by his re­gi­o­nal bac­ker Sau­di Ara­bia, which is batt­ling Iran for in­flu­en­ce across the re­gi­on. Hez­bol­lah’s MPs did not no­mi­na­te an­y­o­ne for the post of pri­me mi­nis­ter, re­flec­ting lin­ge­ring mistrust to­ward Ha­ri­ri. But the group is ex­pec­ted to ta­ke part in his ca­bi­net. In Le­ba­non’s sec­ta­ri­an po­wers­ha­ring sy­s­tem, the post of pri­me mi­nis­ter is re­ser­ved for a Sun­ni Mus­lim, the pre­si­dent must be a Ma­ro­ni­te Chris­ti­an, and the par­li­a­ment spea­ker must be a Shi’ite Mus­lim. (Reu­ters/photo: to­day­on­li­ne. com)

Saad al-Ha­ri­ri.

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