Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my laun­ches Red Kett­le cam­paign: DSB do­na­tes SRD 10,000

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De Su­ri­naam­sche Bank (DSB) re­por­ted­ly do­na­ted SRD 10,000 to the Red Kett­le cam­paign which was re­cent­ly laun­ched by the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my. The do­na­ti­on of the DSB Bank sig­na­led the start of the an­nu­al cam­paign. May­or Vi­le­ce Tho­mas from the Chris­ti­an or­ga­ni­za­ti­on ap­plau­ded the sup­port of the bank and poin­ted out that he al­so ex­pects the sup­port of the pe­o­p­le des­pi­te the dif­fi­cult si­tu­a­ti­on in the coun­try.

“The big­gest sour­ce of help is not mo­ney but man­kind be­cau­se when pe­o­p­le uni­te no­thing is im­pos­si­ble,” said Tho­mas who ad­ded that he does not deem the cam­paign as a chal­len­ge. “Things are not go­ing well fi­nan­ci­al­ly but pro­gress can be ma­de with lo­ve and un­der­stan­ding. By uni­ting and being thrif­ty with the things that God ga­ve to us we can li­fe ea­sier.” Tho­mas ex­pects mo­re pe­o­p­le to re­quest a Christ­mas par­cel this year be­cau­se of the cur­rent si­tu­a­ti­on. The Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my usu­al­ly helps 10,000 pe­o­p­le per year: 3,000 du­ring Christ­mas and 7,000 throug­hout the who­le year. He poin­ted out that eve­ry week a gro­wing num­ber of pe­o­p­le co­me knoc­king for help. In or­der to help as ma­ny as pos­si­ble Tho­mas ho­pes to col­lect SRD 300,000. Last year the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my hau­led in SRD 150,000 in cash and SRD 25,000 worth of goods or ser­vi­ces. The mo­ney that is do­na­ted is de­po­si­ted in­to the or­ga­ni­za­ti­on’s bank ac­count eve­ry day. The Christ­mas par­cels will be dis­tri­bu­ted in the third week of De­cem­ber. The Red Kett­le cam­paign is being or­ga­ni­zed in Su­ri­na­me for the 92nd ti­me. The Red Kett­le cam­paign in the Nickerie Dis­trict will be laun­ched on Sa­tur­day.

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