MP Bruns­wijk de­mands fi­nan­ci­al re­ports

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MP Ron­nie Bruns­wijk (ABOP) re­cent­ly ma­de it clear that he wants a com­ple­te list of all the bu­si­ness trips that govern­ment of­fi­ci­als went on this year. He al­so wants the fi­nan­ci­al re­ports to see how much mo­ney was spent and what the re­sults we­re of tho­se bu­si­ness trips. The le­gis­la­tor from the op­po­si­ti­on ex­plai­ned that the mi­nis­ters must pro­ve to par­li­a­ment that their bu­si­ness trips we­re fruit­ful. We want to know what you did the­re,” MP Bruns­wijk told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me as he re­fer­red to the mi­nis­ters. “Pre­sent a re­port so that we can ju­d­ge tho­se bu­si­ness trips,” said MP Bruns­wijk who ad­ded that he wants re­ports from all the mi­ni­s­tries ex­cept the Mi­ni­stry of Fo­reign Af­fairs (BUZA). “BUZA is ex­clu­ded be­cau­se so­me con­fi­den­ti­al things ta­ke pla­ce but I do want a re­port from all of the other 16 mi­ni­s­tries.” MP Bruns­wijk ex­plai­ned that it is the govern­ment’s obli­ga­ti­on to re­port back to the pe­o­p­le es­pe­ci­al­ly gi­ven the cri­sis that has cau­ght the na­ti­on in its grip. He al­so ex­plai­ned that all of the li­mi­ted funds must be spent wi­se­ly. He deems it un­ac­cep­ta­ble that the govern­ment de­mands that the pe­o­p­le be thrif­ty but that govern­ment of­fi­ci­als such as mi­nis­ters keep go­ing on bu­si­ness trips. “I ha­ve poin­ted out that the­re is a cri­sis in the coun­try. No­bo­dy can de­ny that fact. The pri­ces in the sto­res are high. What is Tra­de and In­du­stry do­ing against it? Whi­le they are or­ga­ni­zing work­shops abroad the pe­o­p­le are suf­fe­ring,” said Bruns­wijk, chair­man of the ABOP. He ma­de it clear that he al­so ex­pects de­tails re­gar­ding the lo­an from the Isla­mic De­vel­op­ment Bank (IsDB). “How long will the re­pay­ments last and what is the in­te­rest ra­te. The govern­ment has al­so ma­de a deal with the IMF,” said MD Bruns­wijk who ad­ded that he wants mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on re­gar­ding the­se loans.

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