DC breaks pro­mi­se to Bou­ter­se

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“Pre­si­dent you can count on me. I will do my ut­most for the coun­try and the pe­o­p­le and I will not be­tray your trust in me. You can count on me,” Dis­trict Com­mis­si­o­ner Au­gust Ba­do told Pre­si­dent De­si Bou­ter­se when he was sworn in­to of­fi­ce last week. But within 24 hours af­ter he had co­me in­to of­fi­ce, he cros­sed the li­ne by mis­be­ha­ving himself to­wards an en­tre­pre­neur whom he owed mo­ney for ha­ving ren­ted a skid­der. DC Ba­do re­por­ted­ly put up a road block and in­struc­ted po­li­ce of­fi­cers to do his bid­ding and ig­no­re a court or­der. A skid­der is a ty­pe of four-wheel trac­tor equip­ped with a grap­ple, used to haul logs or tim­ber, es­pe­ci­al­ly over rough ter­rain. Ba­do was sworn in­to of­fi­ce by Pre­si­dent Bou­ter­se on Wed­nes­day but on Thurs­day he got cau­ght in a dis­pu­te with an en­tre­pre­neur who­se skid­der he had ren­ted. He re­por­ted­ly has not paid any rent for the past two ye­ars. The en­tre­pre­neur had per­mis­si­on from a ju­d­ge to re­claim his skid­der from Ba­do’s lum­ber con­ces­si­on. Whi­le trans­por­ting the skid­der the ‘con­voy’ was in­struc­ted by po­li­ce of­fi­cers from Moen­go to re­port to the po­li­ce sta­ti­on. When they got the­re, they saw that DC Ba­do was wai­ting for them. Wit­nes­ses clai­med that po­li­ce of­fi­cers tried to keep the skid­der from being ta­ken back to Paramaribo. The group ig­no­red the in­struc­ti­ons of the po­li­ce be­cau­se they had a court or­der and the pro­cess­ser­ver on their si­de. DC Ba­do re­pe­a­ted­ly tried to stop the con­voy by bloc­king the road with his car. “I want to be the best DC of Su­ri­na­me,” Ba­do had told re­por­ters af­ter he had been sworn in­to of­fi­ce. The DC was a le­gis­la­tor from the BEP be­fo­re 2010. In 2012 he left the BEP and joi­ned the NDP.

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