Ni­ge­ri­an blog­ger laun­ches so­ci­al net­work

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NIGERIA - Lo­ve her or not, she’s one of Afri­ca’s most fa­mous news and gos­sip wri­ters. Now she’s ho­ping to ta­ke on Fa­ce­book with her very own so­ci­al net­work, which she says hit 50,000 sign-ups on the first day.

Lin­da Ike­ji, a for­mer mo­del from La­gos, Nigeria, says her so­ci­al net­work, LIS (Lin­da Ike­ji So­ci­al) has so­me­thing others lack: a one-stop shop for eve­ry­thing on­li­ne. “About 30-40 mil­li­on Ni­ge­ri­ans are now on­li­ne, and they go through so ma­ny si­tes,” Ike­ji told CNN. “They go to Fa­ce­book for con­nec­ting with friends. They co­me to my blog to read the news. They buy and sell things and go to pla­ces li­ke Nair­a­land whe­re they ex­chan­ge opi­ni­ons.” Just six days in, the net­work has 86,000 fol­lo­wers. Within the next fi­ve ye­ars, Ike­ji said she ho­pes to be the new Fa­ce­book. “Fa­ce­book is my com­pe­ti­ti­on,” said the bu­si­ness­wo­man, who is fa­mous for her tab­loid re­por­ting, which ma­ny ha­ve cri­ti­ci­zed for pro­mo­ting gos­sip and lac­king in cre­di­bi­li­ty. Ce­le­bri­ties ha­ve said in the past that Ike­ji ma­kes up sto­ries, whi­le others ha­ve ac­cu­sed her of pla­gi­a­rism. Apart from her con­tro­ver­si­al ways, she dif­fers from Fa­ce­book in ano­ther ma­jor way, ho­we­ver. The plan is to pay pe­o­p­le who gain a lot of fol­lo­wers on the si­te. “On­ce they ha­ve 50,000 fol­lo­wers on their pa­ge, we will au­to­ma­ti­cally start mo­ne­ti­zing it. That means we will put our client’s ban­ners on the pa­ge and pay you a com­mis­si­on from what they pay us.” (CNN.COM)

US De­mo­cra­tic pre­si­den­ti­al no­mi­nee Hil­la­ry Clin­ton ta­kes the sta­ge at a cam­paign ral­ly in Cle­ve­land, Ohio. (Pho­to: REU­TERS)

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