Clin­ton gets boost from FBI

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USA - De­mo­crat Hil­la­ry Clin­ton heads in­to the fi­nal day of a tight Whi­te Hou­se ra­ce against Re­pu­bli­can Do­nald Trump yes­ter­day with new mo­men­tum af­ter the FBI’s an­noun­ce­ment that no cri­mi­nal char­ges we­re forth­co­ming in the pro­be of her email prac­ti­ces.

Both Clin­ton and Trump will spend the day ra­cing across a hand­ful of key batt­leground sta­tes that could swing Tues­day’s elec­ti­on, which polls show is ex­tre­me­ly clo­se but til­ting to­ward Clin­ton. FBI Di­rec­tor Ja­mes Co­mey sent shockwa­ves through the ra­ce by tel­ling Con­gress on Sun­day that in­ves­ti­ga­tors had wor­ked “around the clock” to com­ple­te a re­view of new­ly dis­co­ver­ed emails and found no rea­son to chan­ge their Ju­ly fin­ding that Clin­ton was not guil­ty of cri­mi­nal wrong­do­ing in her use of a pri­va­te email ser­ver whi­le se­cre­ta­ry of sta­te. Whe­ther the an­noun­ce­ment ca­me in ti­me to chan­ge minds or un­do any da­ma­ge from days of Re­pu­bli­can at­tacks on Clin­ton as cor­rupt was un­cer­tain. Tens of mil­li­ons of Ame­ri­cans had cast ear­ly vo­tes in the 10 days sin­ce Co­mey first told Con­gress of the new­ly dis­co­ver­ed emails. Clin­ton’s De­mo­cra­tic al­lies ho­ped the FBI fin­ding would be en­ough to push her over the fi­nish li­ne and end the un­cer­tain­ty and Re­pu­bli­can at­tacks on her charac­ter that dog­ged her cam­paign for the last 10 days.

“The FBI’s swift and tho­rough re­view should fi­nal­ly clo­se the door on this Re­pu­bli­can si­de­show”, Hou­se De­mo­cra­tic lea­der Nan­cy Pe­lo­si said, ad­ding the elec­ti­on would now be de­ci­ded “on the me­rits of the can­di­da­tes” ra­ther than in­nu­en­do. But Re­pu­bli­cans kept up their cri­ti­cism of Clin­ton des­pi­te Co­mey’s an­noun­ce­ment.” She sim­ply be­lie­ves she’s abo­ve the law and al­ways plays by her own ru­les”, Hou­se of Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves Spea­ker Paul Ry­an said in a sta­te­ment, ar­guing that Clin­ton’s use of a pri­va­te email ser­ver “com­pro­mi­sed our na­ti­o­nal se­cu­ri­ty.” (Reu­

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