Gran­ger pleads for pa­ti­en­ce from cri­me-wea­ry pu­blic

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That’s the mes­sa­ge Pre­si­dent Gran­ger is sen­ding to the cri­me-wea­ry ci­ti­zens of Gu­y­a­na. Whi­le the­re is a sem­blan­ce that cri­me is on the in­crea­se, Pre­si­dent Da­vid Gran­ger is con­vin­ced that the stra­te­gies em­ploy­ed by his ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on are wor­king and cri­me is ac­tu­al­ly un­der con­trol.

“We are wor­king and I ask the pu­blic to be pa­tient be­cau­se ini­ti­a­ti­ves that we­re put in pla­ce by the Mi­ni­stry of Pu­blic Se­cu­ri­ty are star­ting to ha­ve an ef­fect.” The Pre­si­dent said that the­re are se­ve­r­al ty­pes of cri­me and whi­le in­ter­per­so­nal cri­me remains hard to con­trol, pi­ra­cy is “al­most at ze­ro per­cent.” Gran­ger said that the form of cri­me that “has co­me to gre­a­test pro­mi­nen­ce is in­ter­per­so­nal cri­me.” The Pre­si­dent ma­de re­fe­ren­ce to a 53-year-old mo­ther of two, Bhu­mat­tie De­o­lall, who was bru­tal­ly mur­de­red in her ho­me in Bel­ve­de­re, Co­ren­ty­ne, Ber­bi­ce last week. Her bo­dy, with the head se­ver­ed, was dis­co­ver­ed by neigh­bors. The sus­pect has been iden­ti­fied as Bal­go­bin, (aka ‘Payo’) a 39-year-old man who li­ves op­po­si­te the wo­man’s hou­se. Gran­ger said that “it is very dif­fi­cult to stop that sort of cri­me.” Whi­le the Pre­si­dent men­ti­o­ned other cri­mes, he stay­ed clear of ad­dres­sing the pre­va­len­ce of rob­be­ries. As he li­sted so­me of the steps being ta­ken to ad­dress cri­me, Gran­ger men­ti­o­ned the fact that the Moun­ted Branch of the Gu­y­a­na Po­li­ce For­ce has been de­ploy­ed away from the ce­re­mo­ni­al role and has been gi­ven an ope­ra­ti­o­nal role in pla­ces li­ke the Ru­pun­uni. He said that the govern­ment has al­so en­su­red the streng­the­ning of the ma­ri­ti­me units. Gran­ger al­so no­t­ed that his ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on is still loo­king to pro­cu­re mo­re equip­ment for bor­der con­trol which will in­clu­de mo­re boats and even an air­craft. Gran­ger said that po­li­cing has been streng­the­ned in Bar­ti­ca, which is now the ho­me of the com­man­der of F Di­vi­si­on “for the first ti­me.” Fur­ther, Gran­ger said that his govern­ment has been rein­tro­du­cing or­ga­ni­za­ti­o­nal chan­ge. He no­t­ed that he reen­ga­ged the Bri­tish govern­ment to get ac­cess to the Se­cu­ri­ty Sec­tor Re­form Ac­ti­on Plan (SSRAP). The SSRAP, a USD 4.7 bil­li­on pro­gram, was scrap­ped by the UK so­me ye­ars ago af­ter ma­jor dis­agree­ments with the then Bhar­rat Jag­deo PPP/C Govern­ment over so­me of the con­di­ti­ons of the plan. So­me of the con­di­ti­ons would ha­ve seen UK Of­fi­cers wor­king clo­se­ly with lo­cal coun­ter­parts and gi­ving ad­vi­ce on cri­ti­cal is­sues.


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