Pri­ce of co­lo­red gar­ba­ge bags goes up

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The pri­ce of co­lo­red gar­ba­ge bags has go­ne up with at least 25 cents in the dis­tricts Wa­ni­ca and Pa­ra. A pack of 10 co­lo­red gar­ba­ge bags cur­rent­ly costs SRD 12.50 in Pa­ra and SRD 8.25 in Wa­ni­ca. One co­lo­red gar­ba­ge was 60 cents in Wa­ni­ca and SRD 1 in Pa­ra. Di­s­trict Com­mis­si­o­ner Ar­mand Ju­rel ex­plai­ned that it was ne­ces­sa­ry to rai­se the pri­ce be­cau­se the sup­plier has rai­sed his pri­ces. He al­so ex­plai­ned that the ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve ser­vi­ce had to rai­se the pri­ce in or­der to be ab­le to co­ver the high costs of gar­ba­ge col­lec­ti­on and pro­ces­sing. If the pri­ce had not been rai­sed, the ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve ser­vi­ce would only ma­ke a pro­fit of 1 cent for each gar­ba­ge bag that was sold. The Pa­ra Di­s­trict re­por­ted­ly does not have pro­per ve­hi­cles to col­lect gar­ba­ge which is why two trucks are being ren­ted.

Chloe Fer­ry (Photo: me­­fe­sty­le)

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