Dad re­cre­a­tes daugh­ter’s ra­cy sel­fies

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ENGLAND - A dad who em­bar­ras­sed his daugh­ter by co­pying eve­ry sel­fie she posts on In­st­agram has re­al­ly sha­med her - by cloc­king up al­most dou­ble the num­ber of fol­lo­wers she has. Shock­ed at his daugh­ter’s pro­vo­ca­ti­ve sel­fies, fa­ther of three, Chris Burr Mar­tin, 48, mock­ed them in the most em­bar­ras­sing dad way pos­si­ble - sha­ring his ver­si­ons with his 49 fol­lo­wers. But the in­ter­net found his de­pic­ti­ons of his 20-year-old daugh­ter Cas­sie’s sel­fies so fun­ny, he soon mat­ched her 31,000 fol­lo­wers - and now has al­most dou­ble the on­li­ne fans that she does. Now an in­ter­net sen­sa­ti­on with 53,000 fol­lo­wers on In­st­agram, Chris said: “I first no­ti­ced my daugh­ters sel­fies a few months ago in May. She’d been on In­st­agram for lon­ger than me by far un­til re­cent­ly I ba­re­ly even un­der­stood Facebook! No way did I ex­pect such a big re­ac­ti­on, if I’d ha­ve known that pe­o­p­le all over the world would ha­ve seen the pho­tos, I would ha­ve at least drawn the tat­toos bet­ter. I last saw I had 53,000 fol­lo­wers and at least 52,951 are from the sel­fie dad thing and Cas­sie re­minds me of it eve­ry chan­ce she gets”, he ad­ded. I guess pe­o­p­le pre­fer fun­ny over pret­ty! Ac­cor­ding to Cas­sie, her fa­ther star­ted the hi­la­rious pho­to se­ries to warn her that so­me of her pho­tos we­re too ra­cy for his li­king. “He wan­ted to show me what I loo­ked li­ke in his own way to pro­ve I was showing too much skin or being a litt­le too ris­que in my pho­tos”, she said. “It was a re­al shock he dou­b­led my num­bers in such litt­le ti­me. ‘I do think a litt­le mo­re about which pho­tos I post now be­cau­se I know cer­tain pho­tos can ne­ver be era­sed on the in­ter­net and cer­tain pe­o­p­le will see it. ‘So­me­ti­mes I do want to see be­hind the sce­nes when he does it be­cau­se I ad­mit they are mo­re cre­a­ti­ve than I could ever do sel­fies.” Chris’ wi­fe Ja­ni said she was ‘re­al­ly stun­ned by eve­ry­thing hap­pe­ned’, alt­hough she is hap­py that it did be­cau­se they now spend mo­re ti­me to­gether. Me­an­w­hi­le, Chris’ youn­gest daugh­ter, Tay­lor, said: ‘I think it’s re­al­ly fun­ny how a dad and daugh­ter could bond by sel­fies, it went in­sa­ne!’ (dai­ly­

Chris even co­pies the out­fits and draws fa­ke tat­toos to en­su­re the pho­tos are ac­cu­ra­te.

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