Miss BumBum 2016: Eri­ka Ca­nela

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BRAZIL - One by one, the bi­ki­ni-clad con­tes­tants strut the cat­walk. Writhing, gy­ra­ting, wrig­gling and sha­king, they do wha­te­ver it ta­kes to con­vin­ce the ju­d­ges’ eye. With ga­rish out­fits, bi­ki­nis, spang­les and se­quins, al­most no­thing is off li­mits as the mo­dels batt­le it out to be na­med Brazil’s most sha­pe­ly bottom. Wel­co­me to the weird world of Miss BumBum Brazil, one of the stran­ge­st, yet most fier­ce­ly-con­ten­ded, beau­ty pa­ge­ants in the world. Bil­led as ‘the elec­ti­on that re­al­ly mat­ters’, over 17 mil­li­on pe­o­p­le vo­t­ed in the com­pe­ti­ti­on. This year’s glit­te­ring win­ner is Eri­ka Ca­nela, 20, who wal­ked away with an £18,000 mo­del­ling con­tract and the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ma­ke mil­li­ons of pounds in pro­duct en­dor­se­ments. She told MailOn­li­ne: “I can’t be­lie­ve it. I ne­ver ima­gi­ned it would be me. I’d de­ci­ded to gi­ve up mo­del­ling and go and stu­dy me­di­ci­ne. But now this has chan­ged eve­ry­thing. I’m ecsta­tic.’ ‘But I’m not ta­king this role lightly. I pro­mi­se I’ll re­pre­sent Bra­zi­li­an beau­ty to the best of my abi­li­ty, with all the hard work and de­di­ca­ti­on that the tit­le de­ser­ves. This is the first of ma­ny con­quests.’ The 15 fi­na­lists who didn’t win the pri­ze loo­ked on, trying to for­ce smi­les. Lo­sing con­tes­tant Pris­cil­la Ro­cha said: “She de­ser­ved to win, if that kind of fa­ke bo­dy is what you need to win Miss Bumbum. Now, if they we­re loo­king for a bo­dy and a bottom that is 100 per cent na­tu­ral, they should ha­ve pick­ed me.” And MC Sexy, who ca­me se­cond, ad­ded through grit­ted teeth: “I’m hap­py for her, ho­nest­ly. If the ju­d­ges thought she was the best, who am I to tell them what they should be loo­king for. But of cour­se, the girl who should ha­ve won is me.” For the last 12 months, 27 wo­men - re­pre­sen­ting each of Brazil’s sta­tes - and la­ter whitt­led down to 16 by a pu­blic poll, ha­ve batt­led it out for a chan­ce to be of­fi­ci­al­ly na­med the ow­ner of the sexiest bottom in a coun­try with 200 mil­li­on pe­o­p­le. Ma­ny ha­ve go­ne to ex­tre­me lengths to con­vin­ce their coun­try­men and wo­men to vo­te for them, with one wo­man sta­ging a pitch in­va­si­on in her bi­ki­ni at a pack­ed foot­ball match. Ha­ving a big­ger and fir­mer bottom than the rest of­ten al­so means wor­king eve­ry day on their backsi­des in the gym, thou­sands spent on tre­at­ments and an­ti-cel­lu­li­te creams, and grue­ling bottom-en­han­cing diets.


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