Op­po­si­ti­on par­ties to de­ter­mi­ne joint stra­te­gy

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The op­po­si­ti­on par­ties on Thurs­day night as­sem­b­led to de­ter­mi­ne a joint stra­te­gy. The talks are still an in­ter­nal mat­ter but if it we­re up to MP Paul So­mo­hard­jo (PL), the talks would be­co­me a struc­tu­ral thing. So­mo­hard­jo who is al­so the chair­man of the PL par­ty poin­ted out that the re­la­ti­on bet­ween the op­po­si­ti­on par­ties must remain strong so that it could form the ba­sis of a po­ten­ti­al joint ven­tu­re pri­or to the ge­ne­ral elec­ti­ons of 2020. The Pro­gres­si­ve Re­form Par­ty (VHP) and the Na­ti­o­nal Par­ty Su­ri­na­me (NPS) ha­ve al­rea­dy in­di­ca­ted that they want to run for of­fi­ce in­di­vi­du­al­ly. The Ge­ne­ral Li­be­ra­ti­on and De­vel­op­ment Par­ty (ABOP) of Ron­nie Bruns­wijk had al­rea­dy im­ple­men­ted a dif­fe­rent stra­te­gy for the ge­ne­ral elec­ti­ons of 2015. The Re­call is­sue remains a hot to­pic within the op­po­si­ti­on. The op­po­si­ti­on par­ties are still de­ter­mi­ned to evict Ray­mond Sapoen and Die­p­ak­koe­mar Chi­tan, dis­si­dents of the PL par­ty from par­li­a­ment so that a can­di­da­te from the VHP and a can­di­da­te from the NPS can ta­ke their pla­ce. The ju­d­ge hand­ling the law­s­uit that the op­po­si­ti­on had fi­led has al­rea­dy as­ked for a co­py of the amen­ded Re­call Act in or­der to stu­dy it tho­rough­ly.

Ge­rold Se­w­cha­ran, the at­tor­ney re­pre­sen­ting the op­po­si­ti­on par­ties, poin­ted out that the­re is no link bet­ween the amen­ded law and the ca­se. He ex­plai­ned that the law ap­plies to le­gis­la­tors but the op­po­si­ti­on is con­vin­ced that Sapoen and Chi­tan are no lon­ger le­gal­ly le­gis­la­tors. “They we­re re­cal­l­ed be­fo­re the law was amen­ded in par­li­a­ment. We look for­ward to the ju­d­ge’s de­ci­si­on but it is clear to us that they are no lon­ger MPs,” MP So­mo­hard­jo told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me.

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