Why CL won’t stop un­til she’s con­que­red Ame­ri­ca

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USA - Her vi­deos on YouTu­be are vie­wed by mil­li­ons, Ame­ri­can fas­hi­on de­sig­ners Alexan­der Wang and Je­re­my Scott re­gard her as their friend and mu­se, and Me­thod Man fea­tu­res in her la­test mu­sic vi­deo “LIFTED”.

“I go around the world, I’ve seen her fans in Chi­le, in Brazil, ob­vious­ly all through Eu­ro­pe. I mean she’s not just a Ko­rean or an Asi­an phe­no­me­non, she re­al­ly is a glo­bal su­per­star.” Je­re­my Scott tells CNN Sty­le back­sta­ge at New York Fas­hi­on Week. You may be for­gi­ven for not yet kno­wing who CL, or Lee Chae-rin, is, but if she has her way, she’ll soon be a me­ga­star. A K-pop pos­ter girl, CL fron­ted the all-girl group 2NE1, who­se 2014 al­bum “Crush” be­ca­me the best-sel­ling and hig­hest-char­ting Ko­rean al­bum in US Bill­board 200 his­to­ry. In the year pri­or to the band’s US Bill­board suc­cess, CL had al­rea­dy re­lea­sed her first so­lo track “The Bad­dest Fe­ma­le”. She an­noun­ced her in­ten­ti­ons to for­mal­ly de­but as a so­lo ar­tist in the US in 2014, and part­ne­red with Ame­ri­can mu­sic agent Scoo­ter Braun, who has re­pre­sen­ted Us­her and Ari­a­na Gran­de, among others. Li­ke ma­ny young stars, CL’s ex­pe­rien­ce has not been wit­hout a few knocks.

“The­se days, I mean my fans are in­ter­net kids. So they’re eve­ry­whe­re ... I’m hap­py you know, if I can in­spi­re them, or even if they ha­te me.”It ta­kes so much mo­re ef­fort and ener­gy to ha­te so­me­thing or so­me­o­ne or any­thing so, I ap­pre­ci­a­te the ha­te!” she says. But the 25-year-old is de­ter­mi­ned to see her mu­sic re­so­na­te with an Ame­ri­can au­dien­ce. “I feel li­ke I put so much ener­gy and ti­me in­to it that I, I’m go­ing to, I ha­ve to do it. I think it’s al­so about how you do it and what the mes­sa­ge is and who I re­pre­sent and who I am. So I want to do it right, and that’s why it’s ta­king so long.” (CNN.COM)

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