Elec­ti­on out­co­me will not af­fect Gu­y­a­na-US re­la­ti­ons

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Uni­ted Sta­tes Am­bas­sa­dor to Gu­y­a­na, Per­ry Hol­lo­way, does not ad­vi­se that Gu­y­a­na bra­ce itself for any ma­jor chan­ge with re­gard to its re­la­ti­ons­hip with the world po­wer. Hol­lo­way said that he does not fo­re­see any­thing that Gu­y­a­na should be wor­ried about on the heels of Do­nald Trump’s re­cent elec­ti­on as Uni­ted Sta­tes Pre­si­dent.

Kai­e­teur News in­ter­vie­wed Hol­lo­way Thurs­day, and the en­voy was poin­ted to the fact that Pre­si­dent-elect Trump had ma­de a num­ber of ‘wor­rying’ sta­te­ments du­ring the re­cent­ly con­clu­ded cam­paign trail re­gar­ding im­mi­gra­ti­on and his in­ten­ti­on to re­de­fi­ne Ame­ri­ca’s fo­reign po­li­cy. Hol­lo­way was as­ked, ba­sed on tho­se sta­te­ments, if he fo­re­sees any chan­ges in the good re­la­ti­ons cur­rent­ly exis­ting bet­ween Gu­y­a­na and the Uni­ted Sta­tes. Whi­le the am­bas­sa­dor ob­vious­ly could not ha­ve ad­dres­sed the query with a 100 per­cent gu­a­ran­tee, he ex­pres­sed gre­at con­fi­den­ce that Gu­y­a­na has no­thing to wor­ry about. Hol­lo­way said that in his 27 ye­ars of wor­king for Re­pu­bli­cans and De­mo­crats ali­ke, he learnt that Pre­si­den­ti­al elec­ti­ons “ra­re­ly cau­se any sig­ni­fi­cant chan­ges to fo­reign po­li­cy.”He said that “no one can pre­dict the fu­tu­re”, but his­to­ri­cally Ame­ri­ca’s fo­reign po­li­cy does not dra­ma­ti­cally chan­ge af­ter an elec­ti­on.

The Am­bas­sa­dor con­ti­nued, “Our do­mestic po­li­tics stop at the bor­ders. And the­re­fo­re I am not an­ti­ci­pa­ting any dra­ma­tic chan­ges.” He was ca­re­ful to say, “Of cour­se, I can­not speak for Pre­si­dent­e­lect Trump; and I am a good govern­ment em­ploy­ee and I will do wha­te­ver or lea­ders de­ci­de that we do. But in the end the elec­ti­on is over, we are all Ame­ri­cans; we are not De­mo­crats or Re­pu­bli­cans, we are Ame­ri­cans, and I think Mrs. Clin­ton, Pre­si­dent Oba­ma and Pre­si­dent-elect Trump ha­ve all said po­si­ti­ve things.” (Kai­e­teur­news.com)

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