8,000 march against Trump in Los An­ge­les

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USA - Eight thou­sand pe­o­p­le an­gry about Pre­si­dent-elect Do­nald Trump’s po­li­cies on im­mi­gra­ti­on, the en­vi­ron­ment, LGBT rights and other is­sues mar­ched in the streets of down­to­wn Los An­ge­les on Sa­tur­day, the fourth day of an­ti-Trump de­mon­stra­ti­ons. The march was pea­ce­ful, un­li­ke the Fri­day night pro­test by 1,000 pe­o­p­le that re­sul­ted in the ar­rests of 187 adults and eight ju­ve­ni­les, Los An­ge­les po­li­ce said. Pro­tests ha­ve been held across the na­ti­on and most ha­ve been pea­ce­ful, lac­king the in­ten­si­ty from the pre­vious night. But Port­land, Ore­gon was one ex­cep­ti­on as vi­o­len­ce fla­red the­re. A man was shot and woun­ded ear­ly Sa­tur­day du­ring a pro­test and de­mon­stra­tors threw pro­jec­ti­les at po­li­ce. A few do­zen ar­rests we­re ma­de over the last two days -- 19 on Sa­tur­day and 17 on Fri­day. In New York, thou­sands of pe­o­p­le mar­ched two mi­les and gat­he­red out­si­de Trump To­wer, the Pre­si­dent-elect’s ho­me in Man­hat­tan, whe­re they chan­ted and pro­clai­med that he was “not my pre­si­dent.” “I don’t know what we can ac­tu­al­ly do to chan­ge things,” pro­tes­ter Al­len Meis­ner told CNN, “but we ha­ve to keep co­ming and ma­king su­re his ha­t­red and his fear and the an­ger that he’s stir­ring up and using to get elec­ted doe­sn’t ma­ni­fest itself in our coun­try.” “I think that we are get­ting to­gether to sup­port each other as a com­mu­ni­ty be­cau­se this is a hu­ge loss,” And­rea Gar­cia said. “This elec­ti­on has set us back and has de­fi­ni­te­ly shown the world that we are not as ad­van­ced as we claim we are.” By 8 p.m. ET, on­ly a few do­zen pro­tes­ters remai­ned and Fifth Ave­nue was open for traf­fic. Po­li­ce said a few pe­o­p­le we­re ar­re­sted Sa­tur­day but that the pro­test was lar­ge­ly pea­ce­ful. In Los An­ge­les, po­li­ce twee­ted around mid­day that about 8,000 pe­o­p­le we­re “exer­ci­sing their 1st Amend­ment Right. No ar­rests ha­ve been ma­de.” The Los An­ge­les Ti­mes re­por­ted it was the lar­gest an­ti-Trump ral­ly in the ci­ty so far. (CNN)

187 adults and eight ju­ve­ni­les we­re ar­re­sted on Fri­day night the Los An­ge­les Po­li­ce De­part­ment said. (Pho­to: cor­sair)

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