4 sus­pects re­lea­sed from mi­li­ta­ry po­li­ce cus­to­dy

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Four sol­diers who are con­si­de­red sus­pects in the theft of food par­cels of the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs and Hou­sing ha­ve been re­lea­sed from mi­li­ta­ry po­li­ce cus­to­dy. MP Ma­jor Anand De­bis­a­roen con­fir­med the re­ports and poin­ted out that the 3 ci­vi­lians ha­ve al­so been re­lea­sed from po­li­ce cus­to­dy pen­ding the in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. The two main sus­pects who are sol­diers are still in jail. One of the main sus­pects had been as­sig­ned to as­sist the Mi­ni­stry of So­ci­al Af­fairs whi­le the other main sus­pect hel­ped him to trans­port and sell the food par­cels. The pur­po­se of the mi­ni­stry’s food par­cel pro­gram is to gi­ve food par­cels to the needy and pe­o­p­le with a disa­bi­li­ty free of char­ge. But the sus­pects al­le­gedly sto­le and sold the food par­cels. De­bis­a­roen poin­ted out that in­ves­ti­ga­tors on­ly un­co­ver­ed ir­re­gu­la­ri­ties in Paramaribo. The dis­tri­bu­ti­on of food par­cels in the other dis­tricts went smoot­h­ly. Last month the po­li­ce and the MP found out that about 100 food par­cels had been sto­len in Paramaribo. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that the Mi­li­ta­ry Po­li­ce had re­cei­ved in­for­ma­ti­on which sug­ge­sted that the food par­cels we­re being sold at a hou­se lo­ca­ted along the Abe­ni­straat in Paramaribo. The po­li­ce and the MP then rai­ded the pla­ce and ar­re­sted 5 sol­diers and 2 ci­ti­zens du­ring the raid.

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