Shooting in­ci­dent: Vic­tim wan­ted sus­pect’s Ip­ho­ne

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Re­ports in­di­ca­te that Thurs­day’s shooting in­ci­dent along the Wa­ter­kant was the re­sult of an Ip­ho­ne dis­pu­te. The man who was shot three ti­mes had to be rus­hed to the Emer­g­en­cy Room. Sour­ces told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that the sus­pect was wal­king through the street with his Ip­ho­ne when the vic­tim as­ked him to sell it to him. The sus­pect re­fu­sed and the men star­ted ar­guing. The sus­pect even­tu­al­ly pul­led out a gun and the vic­tim tried to dis­arm him. The sus­pect then hit him on the head be­fo­re shooting him 3 ti­mes. The vic­tim re­por­ted­ly sustai­ned one gunshot wound in his right thigh­bo­ne. The per­pet­ra­tor then fled the sce­ne but was cha­sed by by­stan­ders. He re­por­ted­ly ai­med his gun at the pe­o­p­le who we­re cha­sing him and fired one shot to sca­re them off. He then jum­ped in a black car and fled. Re­ports in­di­ca­te that a wrong man was ar­re­sted af­ter the shooting. He was re­lea­sed from po­li­ce cus­to­dy af­ter wit­nes­ses told the po­li­ce that he was not the one who had pul­led the trig­ger.

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