Pa­k­is­ta­ni troops kil­led by In­di­an shel­ling in Kashmir

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PAKISTAN - Pakistan says se­ven of its sol­diers ha­ve been kil­led by In­di­an firing on the front­line of the con­te­sted Hi­ma­layan re­gi­on of Kashmir. The in­ci­dent hap­pe­ned in the Bhim­ber sec­tor of the li­ne of con­trol, a brief sta­te­ment by Pakistan’s ar­my said. “Pa­k­is­ta­ni troops, whi­le res­pon­ding to In­di­an un­pro­vo­ked firing, tar­ge­ted In­di­an posts ef­fec­ti­ve­ly,” it ad­ded. Pakistan’s fo­reign af­fairs mi­ni­stry con­dem­ned what it de­scri­bed as “con­ti­nuous un­pro­vo­ked” firing and said the ar­my was res­pon­ding in a “be­fit­ting man­ner”. The LOC is the cea­se­fire li­ne bet­ween the two coun­tries, which ha­ve fought three con­flicts over Kashmir, a Mus­lim ma­jo­ri­ty state that joi­ned In­dia af­ter the par­ti­ti­on of the sub­con­ti­nent in 1947. The two nu­clear ar­med neigh­bours are em­broi­led in an in­cre­a­sin­gly acri­mo­nious di­plo­ma­tic stand­off. Pakistan has lod­ged se­ve­r­al com­plaints with In­dia over what it says is the tar­ge­ting of ci­vi­lians li­ving on its si­de of the LOC. It has said at least 25 pe­o­p­le ha­ve been kil­led in re­cent weeks. Ten­si­ons ha­ve been sto­ked fol­lo­wing two at­tacks this year on In­di­an mi­li­ta­ry ba­ses, which Del­hi bla­mes on Pakistan-ba­sed mi­li­tant groups that it claims re­cei­ves clan­des­ti­ne state sup­port. The first at­tack, on the Pat­han­kot air­ba­se in In­di­an Pun­jab, took pla­ce in Ja­nu­a­ry short­ly af­ter ho­pes for pea­ce in south Asia had been sto­ked by the sur­pri­se vi­sit of the In­di­an pri­me mi­nis­ter to La­ho­re on Christ­mas Day. Ni­neteen sol­diers died du­ring the se­cond as­sault on a ba­se near the to­wn of Uri in In­di­an Kashmir in Sep­tem­ber.


Kashmi­ri pro­tes­ters clash with In­di­an po­li­ce ear­lier this month. (Pho­to: Get­ty Ima­ges)

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