Wo­man wants child sup­port from Reg­gie Bush

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USA - Foot­ball star Reg­gie Bush has land­ed himself in so­me se­rious hot wa­ter. The NFL star who on­ce da­ted Kim Kar­das­hi­an, has found himself in the midd­le of pa­ter­ni­ty pro­blems. Ac­cor­ding to Bos­sip, Flo­ri­da wo­man Mo­ni­que Ex­po­si­to, has clai­med that the Buf­fa­lo Bills star is the fa­ther of her un­born child. It turns out that not on­ly may Ex­po­si­to be tel­ling the truth, her re­ve­la­ti­on just re­ve­a­led their long­ti­me af­fair. Ap­pa­rent­ly Bush tried to pay her $3mil­li­on to abort the child and keep qui­et about the af­fair. Whi­le the­re is no cer­tain­ty that the mo­ney was ex­chan­ged, she is now 6 months preg­nant. To ma­ke mat­ters even mo­re mes­sy, the cock­tail wai­tress is now ce­le­bra­ting the ar­ri­val of her un­born child with a ba­by shower in Mi­a­mi next month. Ex­po­si­to is now ta­king off the glo­ves and plans to go af­ter the star for child sup­port pay­ments. The cock­tail wai­tress has now hi­red Flo­ri­da at­tor­ney Mar­wan Por­ter to get the ball rol­ling. “It is well known in Mi­a­mi cir­cles that Reg­gie has been hoo­king up with Mo­ni­que for the last 2 ye­ars,” a trusted sour­ce told Bos­sip, ad­ding that he’s al­so been paying for her li­ving ex­pen­ses. Bush, who is mar­ried to Li­lit Ava­gy­an is cur­rent­ly go­ing through a roc­king shift. The star has re­por­ted­ly been che­a­ting on Ava­gy­an and she’s ti­red of it. She has th­re­a­ten­ed him with di­vor­ce if he does not ta­ke ca­re of the si­tu­a­ti­on and by the looks of it she’s go­ing to need to get a ball-point pen rea­dy.


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