State wants to sett­le Self Re­li­an­ce law­s­uit out of court

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The govern­ment is re­por­ted­ly trying to reach a sett­le­ment with the Self Re­li­an­ce in­su­ran­ce com­pa­ny. The in­su­ran­ce com­pa­ny wants the govern­ment to pay the bill of SRD 60 mil­li­on and the in­su­ran­ce claim for da­ma­ges of SRD 9 mil­li­on. The bill and the claim was pre­sen­ted to the govern­ment af­ter it had de­ci­ded to switch in­su­ran­ce com­pa­nies. The govern­ment ‘trans­fer­red’ its ba­sic me­di­cal in­su­ran­ce (BAZO) to the State He­alth In­su­ran­ce Fund (SZF). He­alth Mi­nis­ter Pa­trick Pen­gel ex­plai­ned that the govern­ment is trying to reach an out-of-court sett­le­ment. “We are still ne­go­ti­a­ting,” the mi­nis­ter told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me.

Se­ve­r­al months ago Self Re­li­an­ce de­li­ve­r­ed a let­ter to the govern­ment, ur­ging the govern­ment to ad­dress the is­sue of the debts and the fi­nan­ci­al los­ses as a re­sult of the de­ci­si­on to switch in­su­ran­ce com­pa­nies. In the let­ter the in­su­ran­ce com­pa­ny al­so th­re­a­ten­ed to ta­ke legal ac­ti­on if the govern­ment did not cough up the mo­ney soon. MP Ma­ri­nus Bee (ABOP) in­for­med par­li­a­ment of the fact that Self Re­li­an­ce had sent a let­ter. He al­so read the let­ter al­oud in par­li­a­ment. Mi­nis­ter Pa­trick Pen­gel con­fir­med that this ca­se is not an ea­sy one. The govern­ment is re­por­ted­ly trying to keep this ca­se out of court. “We ho­pe to reach an out-of-court sett­le­ment.”

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