Ve­ne­zu­e­la wants di­plo­ma­tic so­lu­ti­on in Bor­der dis­pu­te Gu­y­a­na

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The bor­der dis­pu­te bet­ween Gu­y­a­na and Ve­ne­zu­e­la will be one of the last is­sues that UN Se­cre­ta­ry Ge­ne­ral Ban Ki-Moon will ad­dress be­fo­re lea­ving of­fi­ce on De­cem­ber 31.

Ve­ne­zu­e­la is re­por­ted­ly ur­ging Ban not to in­ter­fe­re and to lea­ve it up to both coun­tries to find a di­plo­ma­tic so­lu­ti­on. Ve­ne­zu­e­la’s Mi­nis­ter of Fo­reign Af­fairs, Del­cy Ro­dri­quez, on Fri­day pre­sen­ted Ve­ne­zu­e­la’s plea at the UN he­ad­quar­ters in New York. Gu­y­a­na, howe­ver, poin­ted out that all op­ti­ons of the di­plo­ma­tic mo­del ha­ve been de­ple­ted. Gu­y­a­na deems the mi­li­ta­ry ag­gres­si­on which Ve­ne­zu­e­la dis­play­ed du­ring the past cou­ple of months such as sta­ti­o­ning a war ship in Gu­y­a­ne­se wa­ters as the fi­nal straw. Gu­y­a­na is choosing for ar­bi­tra­ti­on. Mi­nis­ter Ro­dri­quez on Fri­day told the UN that his coun­try is wil­ling to keep dis­cus­sing the bor­der dis­pu­te with Gu­y­a­na. Su­ri­na­me was al­most drag­ged in­to the ter­ri­to­ri­al claim with Ve­ne­zu­e­la. The Ve­ne­zu­e­lan claim al­so co­ver­ed the eco­no­mic zo­ne of Su­ri­na­me so Su­ri­na­me on Ju­ne 24, 2015 fi­led pro­test against this via a di­plo­ma­tic no­te. On Ju­ly 6 Ve­ne­zu­e­la ad­ju­sted its ter­ri­to­ri­al claim through a de­cree which did not con­tain any coo­r­di­na­tes. Both the claim still af­fects the sove­reign­ty of mul­ti­ple coun­tries.

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