AZP re­cei­ves do­na­ti­ons

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The Aca­de­mic Hos­pi­tal Paramaribo (AZP) has re­cei­ved do­na­ti­ons for the past two months be­cau­se of its pre­ca­rious si­tu­a­ti­on. The do­na­ti­ons are from va­rious or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons and pri­va­te ci­ti­zens. The AZP has re­por­ted­ly re­cei­ved me­di­ci­nes, cle­a­ning agents and me­di­cal sup­plies.

The hos­pi­tal is­sued a press re­lea­se, in­di­ca­ting that Shri Shi­va Man­dir has do­na­ted to­wels, hand soap and cle­a­ning agents to the In­ten­si­ve Ca­re Unit. Con­so­li­da­ted In­du­stries Cor­po­ra­ti­ons (CIC) has do­na­ted cle­a­ning agents worth SRD 53,000 to the AZP. Stich­ting Su­ri­na­me Sa­men Sterk has gi­ven the AZP me­di­cal sup­plies in as­so­ci­a­ti­on with NV 82 Tra­ding. The me­di­cal sup­plies are va­lu­ed at SRD 10,000. I-Fron­tier has do­na­ted mo­ney and Saf­tra­de has do­na­ted SRD 7,300 worth of me­di­cal sup­plies.

Ker­sten He­al­th­ca­re has do­na­ted sy­rin­ges and Cour­ty­ard by Mar­ri­ot Ho­tel do­na­ted li­nen. Stich­ting Lief­de Over­wint, NV Dam, ILM Foun­da­ti­on and other loy­al do­nors al­so ga­ve do­na­ti­ons to the AZP. “We would li­ke to thank them on be­half of the en­ti­re na­ti­on,” said the hos­pi­tal in the press re­lea­se.

Pe­o­p­le who want to ma­ke a do­na­ti­on can wi­re the mo­ney to the AZP’s bank ac­counts at the Fi­na­bank. The AZP’s bank ac­counts are (SRD) 19.45. 534, (USD) 19.45.542 (eu­ro) 19.45.559.

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