Fri­da Kah­lo 1939 pain­ting fet­ches re­cord $8 mil­li­on

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USA - Fri­da Kah­lo sur­pas­sed her re­cord of $5.6 mil­li­on for her work in auc­ti­ons when her “Dos des­nu­dos en el bosque (La Tier­ra Mis­ma)” pain­ting sold for $8 mil­li­on at Chris­tie’s sa­le of im­pres­si­o­nist and mo­dern art last Thurs­day.

The 1939 pain­ting had been shown in the ‘Ca­sa Azul’ ex­hi­bit at the The New York Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den last year and sin­ce be­ca­me very fa­mous. The pain­ting de­picts two wo­men laying in a dream-li­ke lands­ca­pe, and it is im­por­tant to point out that it is ra­ther small for the enor­mous pri­ce tag it sold for.

The pain­ting was a gift from Kah­lo to her friend Do­lo­res del Río at the ti­me.

Broo­ke Lampley, head of Im­pres­si­o­nist & Mo­dern Art at Chris­tie’s New York, ex­pres­sed her ex­ci­te­ment on the sig­ni­fi­cant sa­le. “We are par­ti­cu­lar­ly proud of the re­sult achie­ved for Fri­da Kah­lo’s ‘Dos des­nu­dos en el bosque,’ which set the world auc­ti­on re­cord for the ar­tist and be­ca­me the hig­hest pri­ce for any work by a La­tin Ame­ri­can ar­tist.”

It had been six ye­ars sin­ce Kah­lo’s works sold at the auc­ti­on, and whi­le it was “unu­su­al for a ma­jor Im­pres­si­o­nist eve­ning sa­le,” the re­sults we­re ex­cel­lent. Bid­ding ope­ned at $5 mil­li­on esti­ma­ted to go from $8 to $12 mil­li­on) and land­ed with pre­mi­um on the low esti­ma­te, for $8 mil­li­on, which mar­ked a new re­cord for the ar­tist.

Pre­vious­ly, the sa­me pain­ting had sold for $506,000 in 1989 sur­pas­sing the high esti­ma­te of $160,000 by al­most four ti­mes at that sa­le.

Al­most six do­zen pie­ces of work by Kah­lo ha­ve been sold over the last two de­ca­des, of which eight ha­ve sold for $1 mil­li­on. The on­ly ex­cep­ti­on was her pre­vious re­cord, which was mar­ked in 2006 at So­t­he­by’s New York, when her 1943, ul­tra-fa­mous pain­ting ‘Raí­ces’ sold for $5.6 mil­li­on.

Other big sa­les of the night in­clu­ded Clau­de Mo­net’s “Pond with Wa­ter Li­lies,” which went for $80.4 mil­li­on; mo­re than dou­ble its high esti­ma­te of $35 mil­li­on. Pa­blo Pi­cas­so’s “Se­a­ted Man” from his fa­mous mus­ke­teer se­ries went for $8 mil­li­on, mat­ching its low pre­sa­le esti­ma­te.


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