High-tech scan­ners for Ge­or­ge­to­wn Prisons

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A de­vi­ce that can de­tect items hid­den in bo­dy cre­vi­ces, as well as mo­re so­phis­ti­ca­ted walk-through scan­ners are equip­ment that pri­son au­tho­ri­ties ho­pe to ac­qui­re next year, to stem the smug­gling of we­apons and other pro­hi­bi­ted items in­to the coun­try’s pe­ni­ten­ti­a­ries. De­pu­ty Di­rec­tor of Prisons Glad­win Sa­mu­els said that pri­son au­tho­ri­ties ha­ve al­rea­dy bud­ge­ted for the items. He dis­clo­sed that the walk-through scan­ners that of­fi­ci­als are see­king to ac­qui­re would be si­mi­lar to the on­es used at the Ched­di Ja­gan In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Air­port. The equip­ment would be ab­le to sto­re da­ta to al­low pri­son of­fi­cers to re­view the foot­a­ge and de­tect if an in­di­vi­du­al was al­lo­wed to pass with a pro­hi­bi­ted item. Sa­mu­els said that ac­cor­ding to law, eve­ry­o­ne en­te­ring the prisons, “from the Di­rec­tor right down,” is sub­jec­ted to sear­ches. In ad­di­ti­on to the walk-through scan­ners and others to de­tect items hid­den in bags, pri­son of­fi­ci­als are al­so see­king to ac­qui­re equip­ment that can de­tect items that priso­ners con­ce­al on their per­son. Ac­cor­ding to the De­pu­ty Di­rec­tor, it has long been sus­pec­ted that so­me in­ma­tes hi­de items in their rec­tums. He said that in the past, priso­ners sus­pec­ted of do­ing this would be sent to hos­pi­tal to be exa­mi­ned. With the equip­ment that the of­fi­ci­als ho­pe to ac­qui­re, in­ma­tes sus­pec­ted of hi­ding items in their rec­tums would be re­qui­red to sit on the de­vi­ce, which is equip­ped with X-ray equip­ment.

But Sa­mu­els al­so no­t­ed that the cost of so­me of the equip­ment is so­me­what pro­hi­bi­ti­ve, with the walk­through scan­ners va­lu­ed at ap­proxi­ma­te­ly $12M. Be­cau­se of this, the equip­ment would on­ly be in­stal­led at the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Prisons for now. The De­pu­ty Di­rec­tor no­t­ed that Bar­ba­dos al­rea­dy has such equip­ment at its pri­son. “Bar­ba­dos is way ahead of us. What we found in the Ge­or­ge­to­wn Pri­son (on Sa­tur­day) is what Bar­ba­dos finds in a year. In the past so­me pri­son war­ders ha­ve been im­pli­ca­ted in smug­gling items in­to the prisons, and Sa­mu­els con­ce­ded that it is li­ke­ly that this is still oc­cur­ring. He al­so al­lu­ded to the 2002 jail­break, in which it was be­lie­ved that pri­son ranks as­sisted in the smug­gling of a fire­arm that was used by the es­ca­pees.


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