“Govern­ment does not com­pre­hend its own tax sy­s­tem”

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The lack of know­led­ge of the Su­ri­na­me­se tax sy­s­tem is li­mi­ting the flow of sta­te in­co­me. Su­ri­na­me mis­ses out on a lot of mo­ney lo­cally but al­so fails to at­tract fo­reign in­ves­tors who could con­tri­bu­te to the coun­tries re­ve­nues. “The­re is this as­sump­ti­on that we ha­ve big ex­perts. It sim­ply is not true!,” said Tax Spe­ci­a­list Roy Rij­ger. He ex­plai­ned that the­re is a lack of ex­per­ti­se at eve­ry le­vel of the tax sy­s­tem and a lack of in­sight on how to im­pro­ve things. “The govern­ment is sup­po­sed to know its own eco­no­my. We fa­ce a hu­ge chal­len­ge with re­gards to ha­ving avai­la­ble and pro­per ca­pa­ci­ty at eve­ry le­vel,” said the tax spe­ci­a­list. At­trac­ting fo­reign in­ves­tors via the fo­reign di­plo­ma­tic posts is al­so is not go­ing smoot­h­ly be­cau­se the­re is al­so am lack of ex­per­ti­se the­re. Fo­reign in­ves­tors find it im­por­tant to know the govern­ment’s tax po­li­cy but the fo­reign posts can’t ex­plain or pro­mo­te it due to the lack of ca­pa­ci­ty. The pe­o­p­le at Fo­reign Af­fairs don’t know any­thing about taxes. The di­plo­mats at the fo­reign posts are sup­po­sed to know it by he­art,” said Rij­ger who ad­ded that the­re is al­so a lack of suf­fi­cient know-how of taxes at the Mi­ni­stry of Fi­nan­ce. “I be­co­me de­pres­sed and ag­gres­si­ve when I hear sto­ries about how suc­ces­sful we are. We ha­ve no need for sto­ries that are just so much hot air.”

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