Ma­ri­ne Le Pen: Trump win shows pe­o­p­le are ta­king back their fu­tu­re

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FRANCE - The lea­der of France’s far-right Front Na­ti­o­nal par­ty, Ma­ri­ne Le Pen, says Do­nald Trump’s US elec­ti­on vic­to­ry “shows that pe­o­p­le are ta­king their fu­tu­re back,” sug­ge­s­ting that French vo­ters could do the sa­me. Le Pen, wi­de­ly ex­pec­ted to be a front­run­ner in France’s pre­si­den­ti­al elec­ti­ons in 2017, says Trump’s win boosts her chan­ces of being vo­t­ed in, be­cau­se it “ma­kes the French re­a­li­ze that what the pe­o­p­le want, they can get, if they mo­bi­li­ze them­sel­ves. “Do­nald Trump has ma­de pos­si­ble what was pre­sen­ted as com­ple­te­ly im­pos­si­ble,” Le Pen told CNN in an in­ter­view yes­ter­day. “So it’s a sign of ho­pe for tho­se who can­not bear wild glo­ba­li­za­ti­on.

They can­not bear the po­li­ti­cal li­fe led by the eli­tes.” “This win al­so kills the ar­gu­ment used by my op­po­nents about iso­la­ti­on,” she said. “They say, ‘The po­li­cies that, you, Ma­ri­ne Le Pen ha­ve, ha­ve iso­la­ted you.’ I feel less iso­la­ted to­day be­cau­se of the mul­ti-po­lar world de­fen­ded by Do­nald Trump but al­so by The­re­sa May and Vla­di­mir Pu­tin.”

Instead, she said, Ger­man Chan­cel­lor An­ge­la Mer­kel, and France’s cur­rent pre­si­dent, Fran­cois Hol­lan­de, “should feel iso­la­ted,” as the po­li­ti­cal lands­ca­pe chan­ges fol­lo­wing Trump’s win in the US, and Bri­tain’s vo­te for Brexit.


Ma­ri­ne Le Pen, lea­der of France’s far-right Front Na­ti­o­nal par­ty, at her of­fi­ce in Nan­ter­re, near Pa­ris.(Pho­to: CNN)

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