“Co­a­li­ti­on must not al­low ex­pan­si­on of debt cei­ling”

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The mem­bers of the op­po­si­ti­on are not hap­py about the govern­ment’s plan to rai­se the debt cei­ling from 60% to 80%. Alt­hough the govern­ment has in­di­ca­ted that it would be tem­po­ra­ry me­a­su­re, MP Ma­ri­nus Bee (ABOP) fears that “the govern­ment wants to cre­a­te an op­ti­on to on­ce again hand­le sta­te funds ir­res­pon­si­bly.” MP Bee is the­re­fo­re ur­ging the le­gis­la­tors from the co­a­li­ti­on not to sup­port the govern­ment’s plan.

Alt­hough MP Bee al­rea­dy gets the fee­ling that the co­a­li­ti­on will not lis­ten to him, he sin­ce­re­ly ho­pes that the co­a­li­ti­on will ha­ve a chan­ge of heart. “We ha­ve not had any good ex­pe­rien­ces with the co­a­li­ti­on. It see­ms as if they al­ways ap­pro­ve eve­ry­thing that the govern­ment sends to par­li­a­ment. We are as­king them to screen the pro­po­sal tho­rough­ly,” said MP Bee. He sug­ge­sted that the govern­ment and par­li­a­ment should seek al­ter­na­te so­lu­ti­ons to get out of the fi­nan­ci­al jam wit­hout chan­ging the 60% debt cei­ling. The last ti­me the na­ti­on’s debt cei­ling was mo­di­fied was in 2011. “We do not want a cul­tu­re whe­re pe­o­p­le who do not com­ply with the law, ma­ke ad­di­ti­o­nal laws to pro­tect them­sel­ves,” said MP Bee.

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