Dairy cows and ta­ble chic­kens al­so ha­ve rights

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Alt­hough the fo­cus of ani­mal lo­vers is main­ly on cats and dogs, se­ve­r­al le­gis­la­tors on Wed­nes­day ex­plai­ned that dairy cows and ta­ble chic­kens are en­tit­led to a de­cent exis­ten­ce.

The le­gis­la­tors poin­ted out that dairy cows and ta­ble chic­kens must not be ex­ploi­ted des­pi­te the fact that they are being rai­sed for con­sump­ti­on pur­po­ses. Mil­king cows at the ex­pen­se of cal­ves and the pain­ful slaugh­ter of chic­kens are al­so con­si­de­red vi­o­la­ti­ons of ani­mal rights.

MP Step­hen Tsang (NDP) poin­ted out that he won­ders if it is wrong to run over frogs and toads on the roads. The Ani­mal Rights Bill does not ma­ke any spe­ci­fic ex­cep­ti­ons for spe­ci­fic ani­mals. If that be­co­mes ne­ces­sa­ry, it will be do­ne so via a de­cree. The sa­le of exo­tic ani­mals such as par­rots and mon­keys in small ca­ges alongsi­de the pu­blic road will be­co­me a thing of the past as this ty­pe of tra­de will re­qui­re a per­mit.

The chair­wo­man of par­li­a­ment, Jen­ni­fer Geer­lingsSi­mons (NDP), who is al­so the co-ini­ti­a­tor of this le­gis­la­ti­on poin­ted out that if it we­re up to her the govern­ment would even ha­ve to stop gi­ving soya beans as food to ani­mals be­cau­se it is ha­zar­dous to both ani­mals and hu­mans. She al­so sees no rea­son for ha­ving a hu­ge quan­ti­ty of li­ves­tock. MP Geer­lings-Si­mons who is al­so a doc­tor ex­plai­ned that over­con­sump­ti­on of meat is not he­al­thy for hu­mans. “Espe­ci­al­ly when the­re are va­rious hor­mo­nes in the meat.” This al­so ap­plies to dairy cows. “Pe­o­p­le do not need that much meat. Too much meat is ha­zar­dous to hu­mans so rai­sing too ma­ny ani­mals for the pro­duc­ti­on of meat is un­ne­ces­sa­ry. We can the­re­fo­re adopt laws ai­med at for­cing eve­ry­bo­dy who owns a cow and a calf to let them stay to­gether for a whi­le be­fo­re mil­king the cow. Milk is not as he­al­thy as we as­su­med for a very long ti­me.”

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