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Se­ve­r­al well-known ci­ti­zens, govern­ment of­fi­ci­als and mem­bers of the di­plo­ma­tic corps on Wed­nes­day sig­ned the book of con­do­len­ces to pay tri­bu­te to the la­te bis­hop Aloy­si­us Zi­chem. Pre­si­dent De­si Bou­ter­se al­so pla­ced his sig­na­tu­re in the book of con­do­len­ces which has been pla­ced at The Chan­cel­lery.

Mem­bers of the pu­blic can al­so pla­ce their sig­na­tu­res in the book of con­do­len­ces for 3 days on­ly. They can do so from 10 am un­til 1 p.m. The very be­lo­ved bis­hop of Pa­ra­ma­ri­bo pas­sed away on Sun­day at the age of 83.

Ac­cor­ding to the Ro­man Ca­tho­lic Di­o­ce­se, Zi­chem was the bis­hop of Pa­ra­ma­ri­bo from 1970 un­til 2002 which means that he was the head of the Ro­man Ca­tho­lic Church in Su­ri­na­me du­ring tho­se ye­ars. Mem­bers of the pu­blic can say their fi­nal good­by­es at the Saint Pe­ter and Paul Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca lo­ca­ted along the Hen­ckAr­ron­straat from 3 pm un­til 7 pm on Sa­tur­day. Af­ter­wards the­re will be an eve­ning pray­er which will last un­til 20:30. The fu­ne­ral will ta­ke pla­ce on Sun­day, No­vem­ber 20, 2016. The­re will a Mass pri­or to the fu­ne­ral. The Mass which will com­men­ce at 3 p.m. will al­so be held at the Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca. The pe­o­p­le who want to at­tend the Mass are being ur­ged to be in the church be­fo­re 14:30. The doors will be clo­sed at 14:30 which means that no­bo­dy will be ab­le to en­ter the church.

The bo­dy of mon­sig­nor Zi­chem will be laid to rest in the crypt lo­ca­ted be­hind the Ca­the­dral Ba­si­li­ca. The re­la­ti­ves of the la­te bis­hop pre­fer a do­na­ti­on for a good cau­se in­stead of wre­a­ths.

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