Pa­k­is­tan ex­pels Tur­kish staff from schools

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PA­K­IS­TAN - Pa­k­is­tan has or­de­red Tur­kish tea­chers at schools with al­le­ged links to a Tur­kish cle­ric op­po­sed to Pre­si­dent Tayy­ip Er­do­gan to lea­ve the coun­try, as it pre­pa­res to host the Tur­kish lea­der on Wed­nes­day.

The tea­chers and their fa­mi­lies, to­ta­ling about 450 pe­o­p­le, we­re gi­ven three days no­ti­ce to lea­ve, PakTurk In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Schools and Col­le­ges said in a sta­te­ment la­te on Tues­day. PakTurk edu­ca­tes mo­re than 10,000 stu­dents in Pa­k­is­tan and de­nies any af­fi­li­a­ti­on with the cle­ric Fet­hul­lah Gu­len, or his “Hiz­met” mo­ve­ment. Er­do­gan has ac­cu­sed Gu­len, a for­mer po­li­ti­cal al­ly, of being be­hind a coup at­tempt in Ju­ly, and Tur­key has pre­vious­ly as­ked Pa­k­is­tan to shut down any groups in the coun­try with links to the cle­ric. “PakTurk In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Schools and Col­le­ges are dee­ply con­cerned over the ab­rupt de­ci­si­on of the govern­ment re­qui­ring the Tur­kish tea­chers, ma­na­ge­ment and their fa­mi­ly mem­bers to lea­ve the coun­try within three days,” the school said. It ad­ded that staff we­re as­ked to lea­ve be­cau­se of “non-ap­pro­val of their re­quests for ex­ten­si­on of vi­sa”. The Isla­ma­bad High Court has set a hea­ring for Thurs­day on a pe­ti­ti­on by the school ma­na­ge­ment chal­len­ging the de­ci­si­on, Pa­k­is­tan’s Dawn news­pa­per re­por­ted. The In­te­ri­or Mi­ni­stry did not res­pond to re­quests for com­ment. Be­fo­re his de­par­tu­re from An­ka­ra, Er­do­gan prai­sed Pa­k­is­tan’s ac­ti­ons against what his govern­ment calls the Gu­le­nist Ter­ror Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on (FETO). “Pa­k­is­tan’s de­ci­si­on to ha­ve pe­o­p­le lin­ked to FETO lea­ve the coun­try by Nov. 20 is very plea­sing,” Er­do­gan said. “Just li­ke Tur­key, Pa­k­is­tan is car­rying out a re­lent­less fight against ter­ror. Tur­key sup­ports Pa­k­is­tan’s batt­le un­til the end.” Er­do­gan will ar­ri­ve in Pa­k­is­tan on Wed­nes­day and ad­dress its par­li­a­ment on Thurs­day. Tur­key and Pa­k­is­tan ha­ve tra­di­ti­o­nal­ly had clo­se ties, which ha­ve war­med fur­ther un­der the lea­der­ship of Er­do­gan and Pa­k­is­ta­ni Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Na­waz Sha­rif. Gu­len, who li­ves in self-im­po­sed exi­le in Pen­n­syl­vania, pre­a­ches Sun­ni Islam to­gether with a mes­sa­ge of in­ter­faith dia­lo­gue. He de­nies any in­vol­ve­ment in the fai­led coup in which mo­re than 230 pe­o­p­le we­re kil­led. (Reu­

Stu­dents hold signs as they chant slo­gans du­ring a pro­test on the pre­mi­ses of PAKTURK In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Schools & Col­le­ges in Kara­chi.(Pho­to: Reu­ters)

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