Sia­me­se figh­ting fish in co­lors of Thai flag sells for £1,200

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THAILAND - Sia­me­se figh­ting fish in the co­lours of the Thai flag has been bought for 53,500 baht (£1,200) at an on­li­ne auc­ti­on.

The fish, which has blue, red and whi­te ho­ri­zon­tal stri­pes, is be­lie­ved to ha­ve sold for mo­re than dou­ble the pre­vious re­cord for the spe­cies. Pho­tos of it went vi­ral af­ter Ka­chen Wor­a­chai, 40, who breeds Sia­me­se figh­ting fish, or Bet­ta, as a hob­by, posted them on a pri­va­te auc­ti­on group on Fa­ce­book. Yes­ter­day, Ka­chen, a con­ve­nien­ce sto­re ow­ner, said he ex­pec­ted the fish to sell for a few thou­sand baht. On the se­cond day of the auc­ti­on, bid­ding had re­a­ched 10,000 baht. The ope­ning bid pri­ce had been 99 baht. “I ne­ver ex­pec­ted my fish to go for this pri­ce,” Ka­chen said, ad­ding that un­suc­ces­sful at­tempts had pre­vious­ly been ma­de to breed Bet­ta in the flag’s co­lors.

The pre­vious re­cord pri­ce, 23,500 baht, was for a half­moon Bet­ta, he said. “The chan­ce of get­ting a fish with the flag’s exact co­lor is about one in 100,000,” Ka­chen said. “So ma­ny pe­o­p­le ha­ve tried to breed the Thai flag co­lors. Luck was re­al­ly on my si­de.”


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