Ja­pan PM Abe see­ks to build trust with Trump

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JA­PAN - Ja­pa­ne­se Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Shin­zo Abe said yes­ter­day that he wants to build a re­la­ti­ons­hip of trust when he meets US Pre­si­dent-elect Do­nald Trump this week, stres­sing that the two-way al­li­an­ce is the co­re of Tokyo’s di­plo­m­a­cy and se­cu­ri­ty.

Abe, set to meet Trump la­ter on Thurs­day in New York, is ex­pec­ted to be the first fo­reign lea­der to do so sin­ce the US bil­li­o­nai­re re­al es­ta­te mag­na­te’s elec­ti­on on Nov. 8. The US-Ja­pan al­li­an­ce “is the cor­nersto­ne of Ja­pan’s di­plo­m­a­cy and se­cu­ri­ty. On­ly when the­re is trust does an al­li­an­ce co­me ali­ve,” Abe told re­por­ters be­fo­re lea­ving Tokyo, Ky­o­do news ag­en­cy re­por­ted. Ho­we­ver de­tails about the mee­ting remain unclear, with Trump’s tran­si­ti­on team not res­pon­ding to re­quests for com­ment on the mee­ting. On Wed­nes­day, Ja­pa­ne­se of­fi­ci­als said they had not fi­na­li­sed when or whe­re in New York it would ta­ke pla­ce, who would be in­vi­ted, or in so­me ca­ses whom to call for ans­wers. An ad­vi­ser to Trump, spea­king ano­ny­mous­ly be­cau­se he was not au­tho­ri­zed to speak to me­dia, said ear­lier this week that Trump would seek to re­as­su­re Abe and other Asi­an al­lies ratt­led by his cam­paign rhe­to­ric. Trump had fan­ned wor­ries in Tokyo and be­yond with his com­ments on the pos­si­bi­li­ty of Ja­pan ac­qui­ring nu­clear arms and de­mands that al­lies pay mo­re for the up­keep of US for­ces on their soil or fa­ce the pos­si­bi­li­ty of their wit­h­dra­wal. “Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Abe will de­fi­ni­te­ly talk about the im­por­tan­ce of the Ja­pan-US al­li­an­ce and that al­li­an­ce is not on­ly for Ja­pan and the Uni­ted Sta­tes, but al­so for the en­ti­re In­do-Pa­ci­fic re­gi­on as well as world po­li­tics,” Abe ad­vi­ser Katsuyu­ki Ka­wai told Reu­ters. Ka­wai said he had spo­ken to se­ve­r­al Trump ad­vi­sers and law­ma­kers sin­ce ar­ri­ving in Was­hing­ton on Mon­day and had been told “we don’t ha­ve to ta­ke each word that Mr. Trump said pu­bli­cly li­ter­al­ly”. The Trump ad­vi­ser said he ex­pec­ted Trump would re­af­firm “the Ame­ri­can com­mit­ment to being in the Pa­ci­fic long-term.” (Reu­ters.com)

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