Po­li­ce dog sniffs out il­legal gun hi­d­den in car

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Thanks to a snif­fer dog na­med ‘Ace’, the­re’s now one mo­re il­legal fire­arm off the streets. It all hap­pe­ned Thurs­day, when ranks, ba­sed on in­tel­li­gen­ce ga­thering, de­tai­ned a Tu­schen, East Bank Es­se­qui­bo taxi dri­ver and im­poun­ded his ve­hi­cle at the Brick­dam Po­li­ce Sta­ti­on.

But in the ini­ti­al search of the car, the ranks ca­me up emp­ty hand­ed. That was when they de­ci­ded to uti­li­ze one of its snif­fer dogs trai­ned in the de­tec­ti­on of fire­arms and ex­plo­si­ve de­vi­ces. The ca­ni­ne which goes by the na­me ‘Ace’ ar­ri­ved with its hand­ler and in the pre­sen­ce of the dri­ver and other ranks, led them to the left front door pa­nel, which when ope­ned re­ve­a­led an un­li­cen­sed .38 Smith and Wes­son re­vol­ver with fi­ve li­ve mat­ching rounds. The dri­ver has sin­ce been ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy. The For­ce is said to ha­ve two bal­lis­tic dogs; one trai­ned to find ex­plo­si­ves whi­le the other can find ex­plo­si­ve de­vi­ces, guns and am­mu­ni­ti­on. Last year, the For­ce’s bal­lis­tic and nar­co­tics dogs hel­ped po­li­ce to pro­se­cu­te at least four sus­pects. Re­coun­ting so­me of the suc­cess sto­ries of the Ca­ni­ne Di­vi­si­on, a po­li­ce of­fi­ci­al had re­ve­a­led that on one oc­ca­si­on, traf­fic ranks in­ter­cep­ted the oc­cu­pants of a car. Be­cau­se the oc­cu­pants ap­pe­a­red to be ner­vous, the ranks took them and the ve­hi­cle to a po­li­ce sta­ti­on.

The cops searched the ve­hi­cle but found no­thing. That was un­til one of the For­ce’s high­ly trai­ned bal­lis­tic dogs ca­me near the car and, by its be­ha­vi­or, sig­na­led to its hand­ler that so­me­thing was hi­d­den in one of the doors of the car. The ranks then re­mo­ved the pa­nel of the door and found an il­legal fire­arm. On ano­ther oc­ca­si­on, so­me­o­ne hid a gun in so­me bus­hes on a farm on the Lin­den/ Soes­dy­ke. High­way. Po­li­ce took a bal­lis­tic dog to the sce­ne. Within a short ti­me, that we­apon was lo­ca­ted and the in­di­vi­du­al who al­le­gedly con­ce­a­led it is al­so be­fo­re the court. All the dogs are said to ha­ve been im­por­ted from Texas.


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