The Trump pled­ge: “No lob­bying for 5 ye­ars”

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USA - Two top Re­pu­bli­cans wor­king with Pre­si­dent­e­lect Do­nald Trump’s tran­si­ti­on team told re­por­ters in a pho­ne call Wed­nes­day eve­ning that they’re ta­king steps to­ward one of Trump’s cam­paign pro­mi­ses -- to “drain the swamp” in Was­hing­ton. Trump com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons di­rec­tor Ja­son Mil­ler and Re­pu­bli­can Na­ti­o­nal Com­mit­tee spo­kes­man Sean Spi­cer an­noun­ced an­y­o­ne being vet­ted for a high post in the ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on must pro­vi­de a ter­mi­na­ti­on of lob­bying form if they are a re­gis­tered lob­by­ist. In ad­di­ti­on, when of­fi­ci­als lea­ve the govern­ment, they will be ban­ned from being a lob­by­ist for fi­ve ye­ars as part of the agree­ment to ser­ve in Trump’s ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on. The ban will ap­ply li­fe­ti­me to re­pre­sen­ting fo­reign govern­ments, he ad­ded Thurs­day. “Not on­ly will pe­o­p­le not be ab­le to (be) re­gis­tered sta­te or fe­de­ral lob­by­ists, but when they lea­ve govern­ment, they will be ban­ned from being a re­gis­tered lob­by­ist for fi­ve ye­ars,” Spi­cer said Wed­nes­day. “Why that is cru­ci­al is that it goes back to Mr. Trump’s goal of ma­king su­re that pe­o­p­le aren’t using the govern­ment to en­rich them­sel­ves and using their ser­vi­ce in govern­ment to do that,” he ad­ded. Pre­si­dent Barack Oba­ma im­po­sed a two-year lob­bying ban for of­fi­ci­als who left his ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­on, a po­li­cy in­sti­tu­ted by exe­cu­ti­ve or­der on his first day in of­fi­ce. Any ban on lob­bying, howe­ver, de­pends on how it is writ­ten and en­for­ced. A com­mon prac­ti­ce in Was­hing­ton is for key po­wer play­ers not to re­gis­ter as a lob­by­ist, but in­stead work as a con­sul­tant or ad­vi­ser -- al­lo­wing them to ta­ke their ex­pe­rien­ce and con­tacts to ma­ke hund­reds of thou­sands of dol­lars on K Street.


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