St. Louis po­li­ce kill gun­man

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USA - St. Louis Po­li­ce ha­ve kil­led a gun­man they say am­bus­hed an of­fi­cer in a shooting last week­end. A gun­man pul­led up in a sil­ver car next to a mar­ked Che­vy Ta­hoe and ope­ned fire, St. Louis Po­li­ce De­part­ment Po­li­ce Chief Sam Dot­son told re­por­ters.

The shooting hap­pe­ned hours af­ter a Texas cop was am­bus­hed in a fa­tal shooting. Po­li­ce the­re are still searching for a sus­pect. One of­fi­cer, a 46-year-old ser­ge­ant who was a 20-year ve­te­ran, was shot twi­ce in the head but is ex­pec­ted to sur­vi­ve. “This of­fi­cer was not trying to pull this car over,” Dot­son said. “This of­fi­cer was dri­ving down the road and was am­bus­hed.” The sus­pect, who fled the sce­ne, led po­li­ce on a man­hunt that la­sted in­to Mon­day mor­ning. The St. Louis Po­li­ce De­part­ment had cal­l­ed in spe­ci­al ope­ra­ti­ons for­ces, SWAT units and he­licop­ter units to as­sist in trac­king down the gun­man. Ac­cor­ding to Dot­son, the woun­ded of­fi­cer’s gun was still in a hol­ster as the sus­pect pul­led alongsi­de the ve­hi­cle. The of­fi­cer, who loo­ked to his left, told in­ves­ti­ga­tors he saw the muzz­le flash and felt the glass win­dow shat­ter against him. Af­ter the shooting, the woun­ded ser­ge­ant cal­l­ed 911 dis­patch on his ra­dio. Soon, first res­pon­ders ar­ri­ved at the sce­ne of the shooting and trans­por­ted him to a ne­ar­by hos­pi­tal.


French po­li­ti­ci­an Fran­cois Fil­lon (R), ar­ri­ves at his he­ad­quar­ters in Pa­ris, Fran­ce.(Pho­to: Reu­

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