Men rob­bed: Rob­bers ma­ke off with SRD 450

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

Two young men we­re in­ju­red and rob­bed in Paramaribo on Sun­day mor­ning. The vic­tims re­por­ted­ly nee­ded me­di­cal tre­at­ment af­ter the ar­med rob­be­ry. One of the two rob­bers was re­por­ted­ly ar­med with a ma­che­te whi­le the other one was un­ar­med. One of the vic­tims told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that he and a friend we­re stan­ding in front of a food hou­se lo­ca­ted along the In­di­ra Gand­hi­weg when they we­re ap­pro­a­ched by one of the rob­bers. The rob­ber showed them a mo­bi­le pho­ne and as­ked them if they wan­ted to buy it for SRD 450. One of the vic­tims was in­te­rested in the pho­ne but when he took out SRD 450 out of his poc­ket, the rob­ber snat­ched the mo­ney. A se­cond rob­ber then ap­pe­a­red with a ma­che­te in his hand and star­ted at­tac­king the vic­tims with it. The rob­bers then fled the sce­ne. The vic­tims told the po­li­ce that the rob­bers had en­te­red a va­cant plot lo­ca­ted along the Wa­gen­ma­ker­weg. The rob­bers are still at lar­ge. The man who was rob­bed told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that he sus­pects that the per­pet­ra­tors had wat­ched them be­fo­re ma­king their mo­ve. He al­so thinks that the per­pet­ra­tors li­ve in the vi­ci­ni­ty of the food hou­se. The vic­tims had been at the food hou­se for about two hours when they we­re rob­bed.

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