Te­les­ur and EBS ink part­ner­ship agree­ment

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The Te­le­com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Com­pa­ny Su­ri­na­me (Te­les­ur) and the Ener­gy Com­pa­ny Su­ri­na­me (EBS) on Mon­day in­ked a part­ner­ship agree­ment ai­med at ex­pan­ding the na­ti­o­nal band width plan. Mi­ke An­to­ni­us, ac­ting di­rec­tor at Te­les­ur, ex­plai­ned that the te­le­com com­pa­ny would uti­li­ze the uti­li­ty po­les of the EBS for the in­stal­la­ti­on of fi­ber glass ca­bles.

An­to­ni­us al­so ex­plai­ned that the te­le­com pro­vi­der cur­rent­ly pro­vi­des in­ter­net ser­vi­ce via a so-cal­l­ed cop­per net­work. “The cop­per net­work that has been in ser­vi­ce sin­ce the eigh­ties has pro­ven its use­ful­ness but un­for­tu­na­te­ly the old net­work has already re­a­ched its maxi­mum po­ten­ti­al. The world longs for a much fas­ter in­ter­net con­nec­ti­on which is why the com­pa­ny can’t stay be­hind and must keep up the pa­ce with the la­test de­vel­op­ments,” said An­to­ni­us who ad­ded that the so-cal­l­ed fi­ber net­work will ena­ble the com­pa­ny to de­li­ver mo­re band width to hou­se­holds and com­pa­nies. Te­les­ur is cur­rent­ly car­rying out a pi­lot pro­ject in the Doek­hie Pro­ject. Af­ter the new band width net­work had been in­stal­led in­ter­net con­nec­ti­on speeds of about 40 mb we­re re­cor­ded. The pi­lot pro­ject star­ted 2 months ago and the com­pa­ny has already in­stal­led mo­re than 160 ki­lo­me­ters of ca­bles.

The ge­ne­ral di­rec­tor at the EBS, Ra­bin Par­mes­sar, poin­ted out that the plans for the part­ner­ship agree­ment had a roc­ky start be­cau­se the EBS staff mem­bers we­re not ea­ger to col­la­bo­ra­te with Te­les­ur. Par­mes­sar ex­plai­ned that it took a lot of con­vin­cing to get eve­ry­bo­dy on the sa­me pa­ge. He ex­plai­ned that so­me of the staff mem­bers wan­ted to stick to the idea that com­pa­nies should stick to their co­re bu­si­ness. In other words the EBS should stick to sup­ply­ing elec­tri­ci­ty and the Te­les­ur should stick to pro­vi­ding te­le­com ser­vi­ces. Par­mes­sar ex­plai­ned that it is ti­me to think out­si­de the box and that the­se two sta­te com­pa­nies should gi­ve pri­o­ri­ty to the na­ti­on’s best in­te­rest. He ex­plai­ned that Te­les­ur would un­ne­ces­sa­ri­ly ha­ve to in­vest a lot of mo­ney in in­stal­ling po­les for its net­work whi­le the EBS already has a hu­ge net­work of exis­ting uti­li­ty po­les na­ti­on­wi­de.

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