Xi charts new cour­se for Chi­na-La­tAm com­mu­ni­ty of com­mon des­ti­ny

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PE­RU - Chi­ne­se Pre­si­dent Xi Jin­ping on Mon­day cal­l­ed on Chi­na and La­tin Ame­ri­can coun­tries to streng­then dia­lo­gue on glo­bal is­sues and boost coo­p­e­ra­ti­on on do­mestic de­vel­op­ment, in a bid to bet­ter build their com­mu­ni­ty of com­mon des­ti­ny on a new star­ting point in his­to­ry. Xi ma­de the re­marks whi­le ad­dres­sing the Pe­ru­vi­an Con­gress on his first sta­te vi­sit to the coun­try af­ter at­ten­ding the an­nu­al Asia-Pa­ci­fic Eco­no­mic Coo­p­e­ra­ti­on Eco­no­mic Le­a­ders’ Mee­ting in Li­ma. Xi pro­po­sed that Chi­na and La­tin Ame­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­bean hold high the ban­ner of pea­ce­ful de­vel­op­ment and coo­p­e­ra­ti­on, seek syn­er­gy bet­ween their de­vel­op­ment stra­te­gies, speed up and up­gra­de prac­ti­cal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and bring be­ne­fits to both pe­o­p­les. In his ad­dress, the pre­si­dent al­so ela­bo­ra­ted on Chi­na-Pe­ru re­la­ti­ons, Chi­na’s stan­ce on in­ter­na­ti­o­nal or­der and Chi­na’s eco­no­mic de­vel­op­ment. “We will streng­then stra­te­gic com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and dia­lo­gue on glo­bal is­sues and stri­ve for gre­a­ter re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on and voi­ce of emer­ging mar­kets and de­vel­o­ping coun­tries,” the Chi­ne­se pre­si­dent said. He no­t­ed that Chi­na will firm­ly sup­port La­tin Ame­ri­can coun­tries in see­king de­vel­op­ment pa­ths sui­ted to their na­ti­o­nal con­di­ti­ons, gai­ning gre­a­ter strength and pros­pe­ri­ty through uni­ty, and playing a big­ger role in re­gi­o­nal and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal af­fairs. Xi cal­l­ed for syn­er­gi­zing de­vel­op­ment stra­te­gies bet­ween Chi­na and La­tin Ame­ri­can and Ca­rib­bean sta­tes, and de­vel­o­ping their re­la­ti­ons­hip in the con­text of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal and re­gi­o­nal de­vel­op­ment through ac­ti­ve par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in tra­de and in­vest­ment ar­ran­ge­ments and in­no­va­ti­ve de­vel­op­ment in the Asia-Pa­ci­fic. He high­ligh­ted the role of tra­de, in­vest­ment, fi­nan­ce, in­du­stry and other sec­tors in sca­ling up their bi­la­te­ral prac­ti­cal coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and ur­ged the two si­des to pro­mo­te the de­vel­op­ment of the Chi­naCom­mu­ni­ty of La­tin Ame­ri­can and Ca­rib­bean Sta­tes (CELAC) Forum. “We need to ma­ke su­re that our pe­o­p­le are the on­es who pro­mo­te, con­duct and be­ne­fit from our coo­p­e­ra­ti­on,” the pre­si­dent said.

He an­noun­ced that in the next three ye­ars, Chi­na will in­crea­se the num­ber of trai­ning op­por­tu­ni­ties of va­rious kinds for La­tin Ame­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­bean to 10,000. A cen­ter for press ex­chan­ge will be set up in Chi­na and jour­na­lists from La­tin Ame­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­bean will be in­vi­ted to stu­dy or work in Chi­na, he said. In ad­di­ti­on, Chi­na would li­ke to sug­gest a round­ta­ble on en­vi­ron­ment and de­vel­op­ment po­li­cies be held in Be­ij­ing next year and looks for­ward to ha­ving ac­ti­ve par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on from La­tAm coun­tries, he said. The Chi­ne­se pre­si­dent ar­ri­ved in Pe­ru Fri­day, the se­cond stop of his on­go­ing three-na­ti­on La­tin Ame­ri­can tour. He had vi­si­ted Ecu­a­dor and will al­so tra­vel to Chi­le. It is Xi’s third vi­sit to La­tin Ame­ri­ca as pre­si­dent sin­ce he took of­fi­ce in 2013.


Chi­ne­se Pre­si­dent Xi Jin­ping de­li­vers a speech at the Pe­ru­vi­an Con­gress in Li­ma. (Photo: Xin­hua)

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