Red Kett­le cam­paign: LDH ex­pects do­na­ti­ons to pour in at the end of Nov.

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“The dif­fi­cult fi­nan­ci­al si­tu­a­ti­on is pos­si­bly af­fec­ting the Red Kett­le cam­paign of the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my (LDH),” said Vi­li­ce Tho­mas, ma­jor at the LDH. He told Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me that the num­ber of do­nors that vi­sit the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my has drop­ped fur­ther this year. No­wa­days it al­so ta­kes a who­le day to col­lect the sa­me sum of mo­ney that the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my re­cei­ved within a few hours in the past. “Pe­o­p­le are now thin­king dee­ply, be­fo­re they gi­ve,” said Tho­mas who ad­ded that he remains op­ti­mis­tic. He still be­lie­ves that the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my will ma­na­ge to achie­ve its goal of col­lec­ting SRD 300,000. He ex­pects pe­o­p­le to do­na­te ge­nerous­ly around the end of No­vem­ber when they ha­ve re­cei­ved their sa­la­ries. “The pe­o­p­le sup­port the Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my by put­ting mo­ney in the kett­les but they al­so trans­fer mo­ney to our bank ac­count,” said Tho­mas who ad­ded that its in­spi­ring to see how pe­o­p­le who can­not do­na­te en­cou­ra­ge who can do­na­te to sup­port the good cau­se. The Red Kett­le cam­paign is go­ing fair­ly smooth in the Nickerie Dis­trict but the or­ga­ni­za­ti­on still can­not in­di­ca­te exact­ly how much mo­ney has al­rea­dy been do­na­ted. It will sha­re the in­for­ma­ti­on at the end of this month or at the be­gin­ning of De­cem­ber when the bank gi­ves an up­da­te. Tho­mas stron­gly be­lie­ves that the pe­o­p­le will al­so lend a hel­ping hand even though the na­ti­on is go­ing through a dif­fi­cult pe­ri­od be­cau­se the­re are others who des­pe­ra­te­ly need all the help they can get. The Red Kett­le Cam­paign star­ted in 1891 when Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my Capt. Jo­seph McFee sought to feed poor in­di­vi­du­als in San Fran­cis­co du­ring the ho­li­days. The Sal­va­ti­on Ar­my helps the needy all over the world. The LDH laun­ched its Red Kett­le cam­paign in 1924. A gui­de es­corts tou­rists through one of Rio’s slums. Pover­ty tou­rism, or slum tou­rism, is not a new phe­no­me­non.

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