Ex-Cop to fa­ce tri­al for kil­ling re­pu­ted wi­fe

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For­mer Po­li­ce Ser­ge­ant, Co­lin Bai­ley, was Tues­day com­mit­ted to stand tri­al at the High Court in Ge­or­ge­to­wn for al­le­gedly mur­de­ring his re­pu­ted wi­fe, Sir­mat­tie Ram­na­ress. Bai­ley, 53, of Lot 63 South Vry­heid Lust, East Coast De­me­ra­ra, and Co­lin Grant, Ram­na­ress’s neigh­bour, of Lot 1161 Dia­mond Hou­sing Sche­me, East Bank De­me­ra­ra we­re both in­for­med that a Pri­ma Fa­cie ca­se was ma­de out against them at the end of a Pre­li­mi­na­ry In­quiry (PI). The Pre­li­mi­na­ry In­quiry was heard by Ma­gi­stra­te Fa­bayo Azo­re. As­sis­tant Su­per­in­ten­dent of Po­li­ce (ASP) Step­hen Telf­ord, re­pre­sen­ted the pro­se­cu­ti­on. It is al­le­ged that they kil­led the wo­man bet­ween Au­gust 30 and Au­gust 31, 2013 at Dia­mond Hou­sing Sche­me, East Bank De­me­ra­ra. The men will go be­fo­re a ju­d­ge and ju­ry at the next prac­ti­cal sit­ting of the De­me­ra­ra Cri­mi­nal As­si­zes. Ac­cor­ding to re­ports, the bo­dy of 36-year-old Ram­na­ress was found ly­ing fa­ce down in the ga­ra­ge of her ho­me on Au­gust 31, 2013. It was a bla­ze co­ming from the wo­man’s ho­me that led fire­figh­ters to a bond, when they stum­b­led upon her bo­dy. Her bo­dy re­por­ted­ly bo­re two stab wounds- one to the neck and ano­ther to the hip.

The po­li­ce, in a sta­te­ment had said that Ram­na­resss hou­se was ransack­ed and dren­ched with a flam­ma­ble li­quid, and a stor­a­ge bond at the rear of the buil­ding was de­st­roy­ed by fi­re. The ex-ser­ge­ant had al­ways clai­med that he had no in­vol­ve­ment in the wo­man’s de­ath when he was vie­wed as a sus­pect. But po­li­ce had la­ter sug­ge­sted that Bai­ley was no lon­ger a sus­pect. Bai­ley had told Kai­e­teur News, I had a fee­ling all the ti­me be­cau­se I knew I was not part of it. I knew so­me ti­me it would ha­ve co­me to light. Bai­ley was dis­mis­sed from the Gu­y­a­na Po­li­ce For­ce (GPF) fol­lo­wing cor­rup­ti­on ac­cu­sa­ti­ons against him. He and ano­ther po­li­ce of­fi­cer we­re pla­ced be­fo­re the courts for al­le­gedly ac­cep­ting bri­bes in or­der to dis­sol­ve a cri­mi­nal mat­ter. They we­re ac­cu­sed of ob­tai­ning $300,000 as in­du­ce­ment to for­go char­ges for il­legal arms and am­mu­ni­ti­on pos­ses­si­on. (Kai­e­teur­news.com)

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