Wo­man could be pro­se­cu­ted for mis­lea­ding po­li­ce

Times of Suriname - - ENGELS -

The mo­ther of ex-po­li­ce­man tur­ned ban­dit, Ro­mel Hop­pie, who was shot dead at Lo­ca­ber, West Can­je, Ber­bi­ce, fol­lo­wing a con­fron­ta­ti­on with the po­li­ce could be pro­se­cu­ted for gi­ving fal­se in­for­ma­ti­on to the cops.

The wo­man, Mo­ni­ca Hop­pie, who hails from Es­se­qui­bo had tra­vel­led to Ber­bi­ce to iden­ti­fy the bo­dy. The wo­man had gi­ven the con­vict’s na­me as Ron­del Marks and her na­me as Mo­ni­ca Marks. She had al­so gi­ven her ad­dress as Sud­die Hou­sing Sche­me, Es­se­qui­bo Coast. Howe­ver fur­ther pro­be by the po­li­ce re­ve­a­led that the wo­man was tel­ling a num­ber of un­truths in or­der to dis­gui­se her iden­ti­ty. It was al­so re­ve­a­led that the con­vict li­ved at nu­merous ad­dres­ses, but hai­led from Dart­mouth, Es­se­qui­bo, and not Sud­die Hou­sing Sche­me, Es­se­qui­bo as his mo­ther had sta­ted. Being gril­led and as­ked to pro­du­ce iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on at the post mor­tem exa­mi­na­ti­on of the bo­dy, the wo­man sub­se­quent­ly pro­du­ced iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on to show that her re­al na­me was Mo­ni­ca Hop­pie and not Mo­ni­ca Marks and her son’s na­me was Ro­mel Hop­pie and not Ron­del Marks as she had ear­lier sta­ted. She ad­mit­ted that she wan­ted to dis­gui­se her iden­ti­fy. A post mor­tem con­duc­ted on the bo­dy at the New Am­ster­dam hos­pi­tal showed that Ro­mel Hop­pie, cal­l­ed “Blac­kie”, 34, died from shock and hae­mor­r­ha­ge due to gunshot in­ju­ries.


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