Me­dia hou­ses ta­ke a clo­ser look at in­ter­net me­dia

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Di­rec­tors from va­rious me­dia hou­ses from the Ca­rib­bean, La­tin Ame­ri­ca and Chi­na who re­cent­ly at­ten­ded a 2-day mee­ting in Chi­le to dis­cuss the in­ter me­dia con­clu­ded that they need to ta­ke a clo­ser look at the role of in­ter­net me­dia. They al­so con­clu­ded that re­ports that ha­ve not been in­ves­ti­ga­ted tho­rough­ly row which are mis­lea­ding are of­ten pu­blis­hed on the in­ter­net. Exe­cu­ti­ves from Su­ri­na­me’s me­dia hou­ses, STVS, De Wa­re Tijd, ATV and Ti­mes of Su­ri­na­me at­ten­ded the mee­ting. Gu­no Coo­m­an, di­rec­tor at ATV, poin­ted out that the mee­ting was suc­ces­sful and that the­re should be a fol­low-up mee­ting. “I al­ways ap­plaud it when me­dia hou­ses as­sem­ble to dis­cuss is­sues that af­fect them.” Af­ter se­ve­r­al pre­sen­ta­ti­ons it be­ca­me clear that the role of in­ter­net me­dia is be­co­ming big­ger in Chi­na and the South Ame­ri­can con­ti­nent. The me­dia hou­ses sup­port this de­vel­op­ment but pla­ced so­me cri­ti­cal com­ments. They poin­ted out that the ba­sic prin­ci­ples of jour­na­lism must be pro­tec­ted at all ti­mes. In­for­ma­ti­on that was gat­he­red from un­re­lia­ble sour­ces or by or un­pro­fes­si­o­nal re­por­ters is of­ten pla­ced on the in­ter­net and in par­ti­cu­lar on so­ci­al me­dia si­tes. Chi­ne­se me­dia hou­ses poin­ted out that they ha­ve do­ne a lot of re­search and the­re­fo­re of­fe­red their ser­vi­ces and know­led­ge to their col­lea­gues in the Ca­rib­bean and La­tin Ame­ri­ca.

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