Ama­zo­ne Re­sour­ces can­cels pi­lot voy­a­ge to Bar­ba­dos

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FlexTank Ama­zo­ne Re­sour­ces on Wed­nes­day can­ce­led its pi­lot voy­a­ge from Su­ri­na­me to Bar­ba­dos. The com­pa­ny is­sued a press re­lea­se, in­di­ca­ting that it had to car­ry out an pre­li­mi­na­ry in­spec­ti­on of the wa­ter bag. The in­spec­ti­on has al­rea­dy been car­ried out and the ship­ment will ta­ke pla­ce at a la­ter da­te. Ama­zo­ne Re­sour­ces has re­por­ted­ly co­me up with an in­no­va­ti­ve tech­ni­que to trans­port fresh­wa­ter from ri­vers in hu­ge qua­li­ty by put­ting it in a spe­ci­al­ly de­sig­ned wa­ter bag. The com­pa­ny has re­por­ted­ly fil­led a FlexTank with 2,500 cu­bic me­ters of wa­ter in the Su­ri­na­me Ri­ver for the pi­lot voy­a­ge. The ac­tu­al com­mer­ci­al FlexTank will re­por­ted­ly trans­port 40,000 cu­bic me­ters of wa­ter to Bar­ba­dos. That bag will be fil­led with fresh­wa­ter at sea be­fo­re being trans­por­ted along a dis­tan­ce of 1,000 ki­lo­me­ters to Bar­ba­dos. The FlexTank tech­ni­que was tested tho­rough­ly for the very first ti­me on No­vem­ber 17. But the strong cur­rent in the Su­ri­na­me Ri­ver cau­sed se­ve­r­al lo­gis­ti­cal de­lays. Af­ter ha­ving stu­died the da­ta from the tests, the tech­ni­cal team de­ci­ded to ta­ke ano­ther look at the an­chor points of the wa­ter bag. Ama­zo­ne Re­sour­ces an­noun­ced that the first pha­se of the test went ac­cor­ding to plan. The com­pa­ny has not pick­ed ano­ther da­te yet for the pi­lot voy­a­ge.

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