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Cu­ba - The Cu­ban pe­o­p­le will stop to pay their res­pects this week to the la­te Fi­del Cas­tro, the coun­try’s for­mer lea­der who do­mi­na­ted the is­land na­ti­on for de­ca­des.

The na­ti­o­nal ni­ne-day mourning pe­ri­od be­gan Sa­tur­day, as the na­ti­on wo­ke up to the news that the man who had long been the fa­ce of their na­ti­on was go­ne. “The Cu­ban pe­o­p­le are fee­ling sad be­cau­se of the loss of our com­man­der in chief Fi­del Cas­tro Ruz, and we wish him, whe­re­ver he is, that he is bles­sed, and us Cu­bans lo­ve him,” a young Cu­ban wo­man told CNN, Cas­tro died Fri­day at 90. His bro­ther, Raul Cas­tro, an­noun­ced his de­ath in a te­le­vi­sed sta­te­ment.

“I say to the pe­o­p­le of Cu­ba, with pro­found pain I co­me he­re to in­form our pe­o­p­le, our friends of Ame­ri­ca and the world, that to­day, 25 No­vem­ber, 2016, at 10:29 pm, died the chief com­man­der of the Cu­ban re­vo­lu­ti­on, Fi­del Cas­tro Ruz”, Raul Cas­tro said.

All ac­ti­vi­ties and pu­blic per­for­man­ces will stop, and the flag will be flown at half-staff in pu­blic and mi­li­ta­ry es­ta­blish­ments. Ra­dio and te­le­vi­si­on will broad­cast pa­tri­otic and his­to­ri­cal pro­gram­ming, sta­te news out­let Gran­ma re­por­ted. A con­cert by fa­med te­nor Pla­ci­do Do­min­go was can­ce­led and clubs that we­re usu­al­ly ali­ve with mu­sic we­re si­lent.

Cu­bans will be ab­le to pay their res­pects throug­hout the coun­try at dif­fe­rent me­mo­ri­als on Mon­day and Tues­day. A pu­blic mass will be held in the Jo­se Mar­ti Re­vo­lu­ti­on Squa­re in Ha­va­na on Tues­day eve­ning. Fi­del Cas­tro’s bo­dy was cre­ma­ted and on Wed­nes­day, his as­hes will be ta­ken along the re­ver­se rou­te he took across the is­land af­ter sei­zing po­wer in 1959.

The trek with Cas­tro’s as­hes fi­nis­hes on Sa­tur­day and cul­mi­na­tes with ano­ther mass in Pla­za An­to­nio Ma­ceo in San­tia­go de Cu­ba. Cas­tro’s fu­ne­ral will be held Sun­day mor­ning at San­ta Ifi­ge­nia ce­me­tery in San­tia­go de Cu­ba. At the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ha­va­na, whe­re Cas­tro at­ten­ded law school 70 ye­ars ago, pe­o­p­le pla­ced flo­wers and pho­tos by a sta­tue on the main steps of the col­le­ge.

In Bíran, a to­wn near Cu­ba’s eas­tern tip whe­re Cas­tro was born, pe­o­p­le we­re calling and knoc­king on the door of his half-bro­ther, Mar­tin Cas­tro. They wan­ted to know whe­ther the ho­me­to­wn re­vo­lu­ti­o­na­ry was dead.

“They ha­ve been knoc­king and calling and as­king if it is true”, said An­gel Da­niel Cas­tro, a nep­hew of Fi­del Cas­tro’s. “Ma­ny pe­o­p­le are crying. So­me com­plain of high blood pres­su­re. Fi­del was a good man. “For us, he was li­ke a fa­ther. And Cu­ba sees him as a fa­ther. One wo­man just cal­l­ed crying and saying she had lost her fa­ther. Eve­ry­o­ne feels it.” (CNN)

Young pe­o­p­le par­ti­ci­pa­te of an act to ho­nor la­te Fi­del Cas­tro at Ha­ba­na Un­ver­si­ty on No­vem­ber 26, 2016, in Ha­va­na, Cu­ba. (For­tu­ne)

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