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Su­ri­na­me has re­cei­ved a soft grant of about 100 million yu­an ($15 million) from Chi­na for the exe­cu­ti­on of a hou­s­in­gand an asp­halt pa­ving pro­ject. Fi­nan­ce Mi­nis­ter Gill­m­o­re Hoef­draad and Chi­ne­se Am­bas­sa­dor Zhang Jinxi­ong on Thurs­day in­ked the agree­ments at the Pre­si­den­ti­al Pala­ce. Mi­nis­ter Hoef­draad ex­plai­ned that Su­ri­na­me can start paying back the lo­an af­ter 5 ye­ars. The government has 20 ye­ars to pay back the en­ti­re lo­an which has an in­te­rest ra­te of 2%. The mi­nis­ter poin­ted out that the mo­ney from this lo­an will be used to fi­nan­ce the con­struc­ti­on of 350 hou­ses as part of the government’s so­ci­al hou­sing pro­ject. The mo­ney will al­so be used to fi­nan­ce the Da­li­an 4 asp­halt pa­ving pro­ject. “The­se pro­jects will slow­ly get Su­ri­na­me’s eco­no­my go­ing. The exe­cu­ti­on of both pro­jects will al­so cre­a­te jobs for wor­kers and em­ploy­ers,” said Mi­nis­ter Hoef­draad. The Chi­ne­se am­bas­sa­dor poin­ted out that the agree­ments are part of the good bi­la­te­ral re­la­ti­ons bet­ween Su­ri­na­me and Chi­na. He al­so poin­ted out that the bond bet­ween both coun­tries has be­co­me stron­ger over the past 40 ye­ars.

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