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The dis­trict com­mis­si­o­ner of Com­me­wij­ne, Re­my Pol­lack, had re­por­ted­ly re­cei­ved SRD 91,000 from the government to fi­nan­ce the celebration of 41st an­ni­vers­a­ry of the coun­try’s In­de­pen­den­ce Day (Sre­fi­den­si) on No­vem­ber 25. DC Pol­lack who al­so at­ten­ded the mi­li­ta­ry pa­ra­de at Ta­man­red­jo told re­por­ters that he tried to stick to the bud­get. Pro­tes­tors al­so at­ten­ded the mi­li­ta­ry pa­ra­de with signs. The pro­tes­tors who cri­ti­ci­zed the fact that mo­ney was spent on the celebration al­so de­mand­ed at­ten­ti­on for the an­ti-cor­rup­ti­on bill. DC Pol­lack was re­luct­ant to com­ment on the pro­test. He did point out, howe­ver, that the­re pe­o­p­le who are an­gry at the government but that he is ur­ging them to be pa­tient. DC Pol­lack in­di­ca­ted that he was plea­sed with the tur­nout. It was the first ti­me that the mi­li­ta­ry pa­ra­de was held in the Com­me­wij­ne Dis­trict. The ma­jo­ri­ty of sol­diers and po­li­ce of­fi­cers who par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the pa­ra­de this year we­re fe­ma­le. This year 3 ar­my he­licop­ters al­so ma­de an ap­pe­a­ran­ce at the pa­ra­de.

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