Cu­bans fret over li­fe af­ter Castro with Trump next door

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CU­BA - From the Bay of Pigs in­va­si­on to a his­to­ric vi­sit by Pre­si­dent Barack Oba­ma to Ha­va­na, Cu­bans ha­ve known for ge­ne­ra­ti­ons that whe­ne­ver the Uni­ted Sta­tes turns its fa­ce to Cu­ba, Fidel Castro would be sta­ring right back.

But the de­ath of “El Co­man­dan­te” has ad­ded to wor­ries among Cu­bans that US Pre­si­dent-elect Do­nald Trump will slam the door shut on nas­cent tra­de and tra­vel ties, un­do­ing two ye­ars of de­ten­te with the Uni­ted Sta­tes un­der Oba­ma. Ma­ny Cu­bans be­lie­ve they could do with their la­te lea­der’s cha­ris­ma and way with words to coun­ter Trump’s bom­bast. “With ‘El Co­man­dan­te’ go­ne, I am a litt­le fear­ful of what could hap­pen be­cau­se of Trump’s way of thin­king and ac­ting,” said Yan­ei­si La­ra, a 36-ye­a­rold Ha­va­na street ven­dor and flo­wer sel­ler. “He could set back and block eve­ry­thing that’s been go­ing on, all the things Oba­ma has do­ne. And he did a lot, ma­na­ging to get the US clo­ser to Cu­ba,” she said, ad­mit­ting she would con­si­der mo­ving to the Uni­ted Sta­tes herself. Trump has struck a very dif­fe­rent to­ne from Oba­ma, who re­a­ched an agree­ment two ye­ars ago with Castro’s youn­ger bro­ther, Pre­si­dent Raul Castro, to end half a cen­tu­ry of hos­ti­li­ties. La­te in his elec­ti­on cam­paign, Trump sought to re­as­su­re Cu­ban-Ame­ri­can vo­ters in Flo­ri­da that he was firm in his op­po­si­ti­on to the Castros, and pled­ged that, if elec­ted, he would clo­se down the new­ly re-ope­ned US em­bas­sy in Ha­va­na. Ear­lier on, in the pri­ma­ry con­tests to pick the Re­pu­bli­can pre­si­den­ti­al no­mi­nee, Trump said he thought res­to­ring di­plo­ma­tic ties with Cu­ba was fi­ne, but that Oba­ma ought to ha­ve cut a bet­ter deal. Now that Trump has won the pre­si­d­en­cy, it is hard to know exact­ly what his ap­pro­ach to Cu­ba will be. “No­ne of that has been de­ci­ded,” Trump’s se­ni­or ad­vi­ser, Kel­ly­an­ne Con­way, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on. “The pre­si­dent-elect will ma­ke tho­se de­ci­si­ons on­ce he ta­kes of­fi­ce.” (Reu­

A wo­man walks past a pho­to­graph of for­mer Pre­si­dent Fidel Castro af­ter the an­noun­ce­ment of his de­ath, in Ha­va­na, Cu­ba. (Photo: Reu­ters)

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