Chi­na or­ders sa­fe­ty over­haul af­ter dead­ly po­wer plant ac­ci­dent

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BEIJING - Chi­ne­se au­tho­ri­ties last week­end told sa­fe­ty watch­dogs na­ti­on­wi­de to launch tho­rough work sa­fe­ty chec­king to re­so­lu­te­ly curb se­ve­re ac­ci­dents and plug the ho­les in sa­fe­ty standards.

The call was ma­de at a mee­ting on work sa­fe­ty of the Sta­te Coun­cil, Chi­na’s Ca­bi­net. Vi­ce Pre­mier Ma Kai ad­dres­sed the mee­ting. The mee­ting ur­ged lo­cal au­tho­ri­ties to ear­nest­ly car­ry out the or­ders by Pre­si­dent Xi Jin­ping and Pre­mier Li Ke­qiang con­cerning a dead­ly po­wer plant ac­ci­dent in east Chi­na’s Ji­angxi Pro­vin­ce and im­ple­ment their in­struc­ti­ons on na­ti­o­nal work­pla­ce sa­fe­ty. It was agreed at the mee­ting that les­sons should be lear­ned from re­cent ac­ci­dents and an over­haul is nee­ded to en­su­re sa­fe­ty at work. At­ten­dees to the mee­ting al­so sug­ge­sted pro­mo­ting su­per­vi­si­on and in­spec­ti­on as well as ac­coun­ta­bi­li­ty in or­der to im­pro­ve work­pla­ce sa­fe­ty. They ci­ted are­as in need of mo­re at­ten­ti­on, in­clu­ding con­struc­ti­on si­tes, co­al mi­nes, traf­fic, dange­rous che­mi­cals, fire­works, po­wer and he­a­ting sup­ply sec­tors. Sa­fe­ty me­a­su­res should al­so be streng­the­ned at crow­ded pla­ces, it was agreed. Pre­cau­ti­ons should al­so be ma­de to deal with ex­tre­me­ly bad wea­ther. Lo­cal au­tho­ri­ties should ta­ke in­no­va­ti­ve me­a­su­res to im­pro­ve work sa­fe­ty. Il­legal ope­ra­ti­ons should be crack­ed down on and the thres­hold for work sa­fe­ty standards should be car­ried out strict­ly, ac­cor­ding to the mee­ting.

The plat­form for a coo­ling to­wer of a po­wer plant un­der con­struc­ti­on col­lap­sed in Feng­cheng of Ji­angxi on Thurs­day, and 74 pe­o­p­le we­re kil­led. Pre­si­dent Xi on Thurs­day ur­ged lo­cal au­tho­ri­ties to step up res­cue ef­forts, tre­at­ment and fol­low-up work af­ter the dead­ly ac­ci­dent. He or­de­red tho­se in­vol­ved to lea­ve no sto­ne unt­ur­ned when in­ves­ti­ga­ting the ac­ci­dent. Pre­mier Li al­so cal­l­ed for all-out ef­forts to tre­at the in­ju­red. Su­per­vi­si­on should be streng­the­ned and pre­cau­ti­o­na­ry me­a­su­res should be ta­ken to pre­vent serious ac­ci­dents from hap­pe­ning again, Li said. (Xin­hu­a­

Chi­ne­se Vi­ce Pre­mier Ma Kai (C), Sta­te Coun­ci­lor Guo Sheng­kun (R) and Sta­te Coun­ci­lor Wang Yong at­tend a na­ti­o­nal te­le­con­fe­ren­ce on pro­duc­ti­on sa­fe­ty in Beijing, ca­pi­tal of Chi­na. (Photo: Xin­hua)

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