Ja­pan’s ‘Spa­ce World’ apo­lo­gi­zes for free­zing 5,000 fish

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JA­PAN - A Ja­pa­ne­se the­me park which fro­ze 5,000 sea cre­a­tu­res in­to the floor of an ice rink was for­ced to clo­se the at­trac­ti­on last week­end af­ter a pu­blic bac­klash.

Fish, crabs and other shel­l­fish we­re em­bed­ded in the ice as part of a spe­ci­al win­ter at­trac­ti­on, cal­l­ed “Free­zing Port,” at Ja­pan’s Spa­ce World the­me park. The park ad­ver­ti­sed it as a “world first” and posted images of the fish on its of­fi­ci­al Fa­ce­book si­te with cap­ti­ons in­clu­ding “I am d... d... drow­ning, s ... s... suf­fo­ca­ting.” Spa­ce World ma­na­ger To­s­hi­mi Tak­e­da told CNN Mon­day the re­ac­ti­on on so­ci­al me­dia had been bru­tal on­ce news of the at­trac­ti­on was broad­cast on lo­cal te­le­vi­si­on. “We we­re shock­ed to hear the re­ac­ti­on as the ice ska­te rink was very po­pu­lar sin­ce it ope­ned two weeks ago, we had an un­pre­ce­den­ted num­ber of vi­si­tors,” he said. “(But) we had end­less opi­ni­ons about the pro­ject, we we­re shock­ed ... We are sor­ry for the pro­ject and de­ci­ded to clo­se the rink on that night.” Tak­e­da told CNN the park would un­free­ze the ska­te rink to re­mo­ve the fish, hold an “ap­prop­ri­a­te re­li­gious ser­vi­ce” and then reu­se them as fer­ti­li­zer. He ad­ded the fish we­re pur­cha­sed at a lo­cal fish mar­ket, and we­re dead be­fo­re they we­re fro­zen. Af­ter news of the “Free­zing Port” at­trac­ti­on bro­ke on Sa­tur­day, the res­pon­se on so­ci­al me­dia was swift. “Why is it fun to ska­te over the fro­zen?” a Ja­pa­ne­se Fa­ce­book pa­ge cal­l­ed Re­lief Pain Ani­mals said. “It is shoc­king that this kind of idea was ta­ken up nor­mal­ly in Ja­pan ... This is the worst at­trac­ti­on edu­ca­ti­o­nal­ly.”

Other re­gu­lar so­ci­al me­dia users voi­ced their fu­ry at the park’s new at­trac­ti­on. “This re­al­ly ma­kes me ups­et. Do you think child­ren are hap­py to see this fish in ska­te rink?” Mi­u­ra Tsuba­sa com­men­ted. “You ha­ve no soul to plan such an event to be­gin with,” ano­ther user cal­l­ed Misa­ki said. In a sta­te­ment, Spa­ce World said it apo­lo­gi­zed for tho­se who found the ice rink “un­com­for­ta­ble.” “The­re­fo­re we will can­cel the event of the Ice Mu­se­um from to­day,” the sta­te­ment said. All Spa­ce World Fa­ce­book posts around the at­trac­ti­on ha­ve been de­le­ted. (CNN.COM)

Bo­li­vians in La Paz fetch wa­ter from a tan­ker truck pro­vi­ded by of­fi­ci­als of the Bo­li­vi­an pu­blic wa­ter com­pa­ny, Epsas. (Photo: EPA)

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